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I recently bought an ibuypower computer and I have had problems with starting up the computer. When i shut it down and went to sleep, i got up the next morning to find that the computer would not boot or start up. I tried to reinstall windows 7 again which made it work but had the same problem the next day. Can anyone help with this problem because it is irritating me and i dont want my money to go to waste ._.
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  1. You will need to be clearer about the problem. I realize that can be difficult but you need to take the time to describe exactly what you are doing and what is happening.

    "I recently bought an ibuypower computer and I have had problems with starting up the computer."
    Way to vague.

    "I bought an ibuypower computer three months ago. It worked OK at first but the last few weeks it started not waking up from hibernation."
    See how that works better?

    When you say you shut it down, how did you do that? Selected "shut down" from the start menu? Held in the power button?

    See this:

    " would not boot or start up."
    This means the same thing. Booting is starting up. Did you mean POST? Did you mean to say that when you try to start it nothing at all happens? Not even a flicker on the monitor and no noises?

    I want to help you, but pulling little bits of info from you post by post will only frustrate both of us. Work on it, give me lots of information up front.
  2. Recently as in 2 days ago. This problem has been doing that ever since. I selected "shut down" from the start menu.

    Usually when i start it up in the morning for the first time that day, It would go to startup repair and it says that it is something that cannot automatically be fixed. I click finish and it shuts down. I start it up again and same thing. So far the only way to avoid this is reinstalling my OS over and over again which is a serious pain.
  3. You have owned the computer for two days.

    Does this happen if you turn the computer off completely then start it again, or only if you leave it overnight?
  4. only if i leave it overnight
  5. Then I would guess a power supply issue or possibly the MB battery is bad. Either way you need to make ibuypower fix it.
  6. ahhh well thanks, was hoping i could fix it myself ._.
  7. If it is under warranty, never fix it yourself. Why reward the bad behavior of the seller/manufacturer.
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