New Build System Issue Freezes At Welcome

Hey there guys, this is my first post here, and I should have done it sooner.

Around 5 weeks ago, I built my new PC, which is:

MB: Asus P6X58D Premium
CPU: i7 - 930 (normal clock)
GPU: Evga GTX 460 (Superclocked 768mb)
RAM: Corsair Dominator (6gb) (Leaving it i7 controlled @ 1066mhz)
PSU: Corsair 750W
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate X64

Now that we have basic parts out of the way, the issue is that 1 week after my computer was built, it froze... just froze.. I shrugged it off and thought to myself it wasn't a huge deal, maybe a thread got locked. I reboot the computer and it locks up at welcome menu (after typing in password for windows) within 3 seconds, the circle stops spinning. I look at my G15 keyboard, and it doesn't move the clock onboard, or the CPU and RAM monitor. I get discouraged, and proceed to flash the bios after this happens a few more times. After flashing the bios, it responds for 2 days normally. I get the problem again, random successive freezing (Now when running flash on firefox.) I flash the bios again, this time nothing works. It works for a while, but the problem happens more randomly, the time span is greater between issues.
I get the issue once in a while some more, and I decide to test my ram one at a time, and then in windows diagnostic tools, that had to have been the issue. Interesting results, it ALWAYS freezes up at 21% no matter WHAT, on extended tests, all others pass. Yes I'm sure it freezes, because I try to go into options and it crawls and freezes once it enters the menu. I give up for the day, come back tomorrow, and it works for 2 weeks, after it happens again, I call Asus, they tell me it's the CPU, I get the CPU replaced. I am in the waits for a cross ship for the motherboard. I call up EVGA after seeing another post sort of like my own, and it says that the drivers cause the issue. I hear the man out and he tells me to manually set my voltage settings for my ram, the voltage is fine I tell him, he tells me he had an issue like mine before, tells me to manually set my (10$ investment) superclock to normal. I will try that soon, but as for now I go on to do some tests. It loads in safe mode properly.. I get curious and install windows AGAIN on another hard drive, and use that install, hopefully it helps me figure the issue, thinking maybe everyone was wrong, and it was my windows system. It works...until I install my video drivers.

Now I've re-reinstalled windows and am going to install one driver for my system at a time and reboot until I find one that failed.

Now my question for you all is what can I do to test (preferably fix), and narrow down the issue to what part of the system is causing this.

I know I long winded this and you may be lost to some things, but you can ask me and I'll clarify upon request... after all, I'm not picky when it comes to advice at this point.
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  1. Hmm.. have you done the stuff in the troubleshooting part of the sticky?
  2. Reflashing your BIOS again and again is not something you would normally do.
    Did you mean, resetting the BIOS?
    Read the sticky please!

    I suspect :
    either the mobo or the RAM are defect.

    Note : Other possibility for RAM problem, your RAM doesn't get enough voltage by default setting.
  3. No, I've done both, resetting the bios and reflashing it (Seeing if maybe it had a bad factory setting)

    I've only done it once every 2 weeks through the process, and it worked the first time. I figured it could be that the bios chip could have been friend and not hold the setting. Maybe it's not.

    I've had amazon do a cross shipment with me, and so far they're not really giving me any update on the package, or the situation. I've contacted EVGA and they want me to send them back the video card for another one, but I figured since it's saturday I may troubleshoot it a bit more before sending it to be stored in a box for a while instead.

    I don't think it's the ram, because I've done one stick at a time and they always yielded the same result. EVGA said that my case is rare, but they said what I've already done, which is safe mode, which ironically enough, is what I'm using to type this message. It may very well be a Video card issue because of that, seeing as the drivers aren't loaded.

    Sorry for the late replies, hotmail is really getting on my nerves with their late and sometimes no inbox issues..

    EDIT: and no, I don't think it's ram's voltage either, it's at 1.64-1.65 pretty steadily. which is normal I've read.
    Also I'm not very familiar with the sticky you are both referring to, a link would be the most appreciated in this matter.

    By the way, I am the thread's creator, it just wouldn't let me register for the longest time.
  4. This one:

    Covers pretty much all the common probs (including what's been talked here)
  5. Oh, thank you for the link. A friend recently let me borrow one of his video cards, and yes, it seems to be the GPU in this specific case, since I can very easily navigate right around the problem and experience a full boot and fully working computer.

    If when I get my video card back from RMA, and this does NOT solve the problem, it could be the power supply may be broken too, because this is an older Nvidia 7900GT (Lower power requirements)

    Thanks for all the help up until now everyone.
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