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  1. Looks good, JW, but what would this build be used for?

    An upgrade to 2GB of ram/an X2 processor would only be like 30$, and would allow you to use as a word processing/general internet computer.
  2. Just web surfing. Do you think it's capable of running HD content?
  3. Eh, probably, but only if that's the only thing going on. Don't expect to run windows though, you'll have to look into a minimalist linux distro at 1gig of ram. What's your total budget?
  4. Windows 7 only requires a gig of ram though? I haven't got one, just whatever is cheapest.
  5. 'Requires' and runs decently are not the same. I would probably spend the 13$ on a dual-core:

    And 16$ on double the ram:

    That's 30$ for literally double the CPU/Ram.
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