Strange BIOS problem please help

Ok so im not positive this is in the correct forum due to the fact that i do not know the cause of this symptom. Roughly two weeks ago a completed a new build for a friend/ customer the basic specs are as follows:

Asus maximus IV extreme
i7 2600k
12gb G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3
2x MSI radeon 6970s (lightnings ?)
120gb OCZ agility SSD
600gb 10000 rom rapter HDD
corsair 1000 watt psu
all packed into a corsair 800D with a few extra fans mounted

So I got this beast all put together and it ran like a dream, in fact it was my daily driver for 2 full weeks. Passed extensive stability and torture testing with flying colors. I played all sorts of games on it; I never wanted to let it go but the time to give it to its real owner came. This is where the problems started. First I got rid of my junk on the computer through C-cleaner while selecting what I wanted C-Cleaner to remove, beyond what it automatically does, I selected "custom files and folders" under the advanced section. I then moved most of the demos I downloaded from the SSD to the HDD and deleted a ton. I got the rig to the customers house and started it up (this was the first sign of trouble) the splash screen that sais "Republic of gamers press delete to enter BIOS yadda yadda" Did not display instead there where a bunch of multicolored lines and haze. But the computer booted windows 7 anyway. So I went to open a demo, Got a blue screen and a windows corrupt or missing files message. Every time I started the computer I got this message now it would not boot windows. So for fun I disconnected the HDD, magically this fixed the problem and windows would boot, it still boots and runs fine even after reconnecting the HDD but the Splash screen is still just haze and if I press deleted on it I just get a black screen with a frozen mouse arrow (the BIOS supports a mouse) So I got into windows and Used Asus update to flash a new BIOS. It flashed successfully and if I use asus update it shows that it’s the new BIOS but I still have the same problem the splash id just scrambled and if I hit delete I just have a frozen mouse. I’m no professional so that’s why I am here. HALP
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  1. First, recover the BIOS (dual BIOS has the recovery option) and leave at standard. Then format the SSD and reinstall Win 7. It seems you deleted something you shouldn't have the first time you used CCleaner, and when you updated the BIOS you possibly did something wrong. Combined = chaos.

    First step in fixing a BIOS problem - recover BIOS. Always. You should've stopped and reinstalled Win7 the moment you got the "Windows corrupt" message and not done anything else, but that's how you learn! :)

    The haze in the splash screen can be the BIOS incompatibility with the XFire setup, or the GFX card(s) themselves, so remove one and check again.
  2. Not to be a Monday morning quarterback should have done a clean re-install of the OS and re-formatted any additional drives before delivering it to your friend/customer; not just deleting or CCleaning the system before delivery.

    Lesson learned.
  3. chunkymonster said:
    you should have done a clean re-install of the OS and re-formatted any additional drives before delivering it to your friend/customer

    QFE. Setting up a PC at home, using it and then delivering it to the customer DOESN'T work. I've learnt that the hard way as well...
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