Finally ordering my build!!

I am building my next computer, and I am trying to stay under 850$.
I have screen, mouse, board, printer etc.
I also have a GPU and sound card.
So pretty much I am going to be building it for home use. No video games. Mainly word processing, music production and CS4.
Here is what I have put together so far:
AMD 965
CM 690 2
Gskill RipJaw 1333 lat 7 2x2gb
Windows 7 home 64 oem
seagate 7200.12 500gb
asus dvd burner= 800 w/shipping but with out tax

The only two things I was considering changing was to the gigabyte 890X-UD3 instead, but I figured I can just upgrade the mobo down the road when usb/sata 3 become standard!
Then the memory, I am still debating on which memory to go with. I just wanted to make sure I got memory that will work with the gd70.
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  1. Music production? Photoshop? No gaming?

    IMO this would be better as a 1055t or i5-760 build. Could you put prices with everything, it's hard to suggest alternatives without specifics.

    1055t 200$
    Asrock 870 extreme 3 (90$)
    2* G.skill Eco series 1600 speed 204$
    Hyper 212+ (25$ or less, shop at google products)

    Could drop ram or 4GB if your CS4/music isn't intense.
  2. Eh.. yes, maybe an X6 would be better for you.
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