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i just recently bought a game and when i tried to play the game it tells me that i need a shader model 2.0 in order to run. I currently have a Intel g33/g31 express chip-set family in my computer which was put in from factory. so i am wondering what to do?
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  1. Hi. You need a new VGA.
    How is your pc (psu, cpu, motherboard, monitor)? How many money you want to spent?

  2. what do u suggest i get as a new VGA i just bought the computer 2 years ago and the game is only a year old?
  3. your VGA is integraded (on motherb), and this isn't good to play.
    What's the game?

  4. farming simulator 2009
  5. this game isn't light, or better isn't well optimized.
    you can't play without a new card.

    If you want buy a new card, give us the info requested ;-)

  6. You do need a graphic card ...but before going on to that you can try some gaming software that may work or 3d analyzer , or swiftshader (frame rates will decrease)
    but still they are worth a try...
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