Presario f700 cpu upgradeable?

I have the compaq Presario f700 and i just took the whole computer appart mother board screen etc and while looking at the cpu i noticed it looked burnt. Although i liked the old cpu i was wonder what other cpu's i can put in here the old cpu is a AMD turion 64 x2.

Also what other upgrades might i be able to do? Besides harddrive and ram. I wouldn't mind using this computer for gaming nothing hardcore just cs 1.6
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  1. The other CPU's that can be put into that Notebook are
    TMDTL64HAX5CT 0.09 micron
    TMDTL64HAX5DC 0.065 micron
    TMDTL64HAX5DM 0.065 micron
    They are all Turions but different specs
    Since your earlier Processor looked burnt,I really can't say what the problem was when it got to that state, if it was due to overheating, you'd need to watch the TDP of these processors and choose something either less than the burnt one or something equal to the burnt one.....
    Anything higher is going to cause more heat and thus might result in a burnout of the processor again.....
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