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Hey people I am really puzzled by this one. I recently bought a 9800gt and hooked it up with the sli cable to the other 9800gt. In the nvidia control panel it successfully reads the two graphics and has the sli enabled. Now whenever I go into a game the screen flickers alot........I went onto the EVGA website and downloaded the profiles for a bunch of games and that didn't do anything. I'm running Windows 7 64bit on XFX 750i sli with 8gb of DDR2 RAM and 750w powersupply. Also another thing is that the newest 9800gt that I got has a faster clock but I read that shouldn't be a problem...who knows?
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  1. Can you list all of your hardware specs (make and model), clock speeds, and games you're trying to run at what settings?
  2. Sorry to bother you lol, got it working, turns out the sli bridge cable was reversed...but I do have an additional question: Does double the graphics cards=Double the video memory i.e. 1gb 9800gt + 1gb 9800gt =2gb?
  3. yayman said:
    Does double the graphics cards=Double the video memory i.e. 1gb 9800gt + 1gb 9800gt =2gb?

  4. :( thats unfortunate...I know it will at least increase performance....ok well I'm done here thanks for the support guys.
  5. yayman said:
    :( thats unfortunate...I know it will at least increase performance

    Sorry about that but at least you won't lose any as you would have done had it been a 512MB card SLi'd with a 1GB card.
  6. I created an account just to help others with this issue.

    My story: I have two Geforce 560Ti cards and after installing the 2nd card to run SLI I would get lots of "screen flickering" when starting to play a game. The flickering even affected the opening menus of the game. This was not artifacting or tearing. This was total screen flickers of black and possibly other colors (this is explained later).

    I have read all the threads I could find, much like you all have. People have blamed the card itself, the drivers, the graphics settings like vsync and resolution. The issue is with none of that.


    You have heard that before though. Lots of people have ordered new bridges to try and fix the issue. I have discovered that the issue is not that the SLI bridge is "broken".


    Now the fix:

    Leave your computer on and go into one of your games. You want to have your screen flickering. Now carefully begin to adjust the SLI bridge connection. I don't have an exact method for this, but I just started with one slide and began slowly pulling it out bit by bit to see how the picture changed. I say pull out because most of us probably installed the bridge by pushing it all the way down, which would make sense. After adjusting how the bridge was seated on my graphics card I eventually (less than 2 minutes) was able to have my screen be flicker free.
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