Got my new comp, now I have an HD Video question.

Heyy finally got my 1000$ gaming comp, and I'll be posting many questions here soon but my first one is when I watch videos on Youtube on HD, it still buffers and I can't watch it fully, is that my internet connection?
"Wifi" My old comp was even slower at buffering but I was under the impression that higher graphics cards will take a full movie without any buffering wait.
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  1. The buffering has nothing to do with your graphics card. The buffering is there since you have to download the video. Is that all you wanted to know?
  2. yeah, Sorry I just thought that if you have a better card it will process the video faster and buffer faster..
    How ironic, south park is the only show I watch online
  3. Yeah any modern processor can handle HD with ease without a GPU.

    Glad I could help.

    Hows that ironic?
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    Perhaps it is time for you to get a faster internet connection :D
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  6. Eh? You chose him as best answer? Not to be a jealous 13 year old or anything but seriously?
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