5970 or 480 SLI

which would be the best. PRICE IS NOT AN ISSUE. And why.
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  1. GTX 480 SLI~ Its about the most powerful gaming configuration.
    This will give the gamer surround support on top of 3D. Plenty of power for any monitor configuration.
    A benefit of not investing in a dual gpu card. Worst case scenario, one half of the card stops working correctly or outright fails. With separate cards , troubleshooting and replacing is easier. From these forums the highest performing cards are like temperamental Ferrari's at time. When they run great they run great........
  2. Hate to say it, but if price isn't an issue...go the GTXs. Drivers are better and SLI scaling is better. The 480s are beating the 5970 even with the rather adolescent drivers nvidia has...so you could expect even more performance. Plus, cheaper last time i checked

    But if you do decide to go ATI, I got 5970s in quadfire, and that is pretty damn powerful...but overkill. They run quite cool so overclocking to buggery is quite easy just on air. And most bugs are gone with recent drivers (more coming out within a few hours of this post also).

    Everything ATI brought to the table 8 months ago, Nvidia has equaled or outdone, which isn't really a big feat. They had a 6 month buffer and only came up with the 480? Pretty weak if you ask me. Eyefinity/Surround, DX11, 3D etc. Your power bill may be a large chunk bigger...but 480s are the better cards IMO.

    If you do a little bit of research, it isn't hard to see this.
  3. If price isn't an issue then power consumption will also not be an issue, but noise will(perhaps).Even then GTX 480s in SLI will be much more powerful than a single 5970.
  4. Quote:
    Gtx 480sli eats 5970 for breakfast,lunch and dinner

    Oh really? I didn't think graphic cards had a digestive system.
  5. May want to give it time if you can spare it, the ATI 6xxx series is around the fall corner...
  6. GTX 480 SLi beats the S**T out of HD 5970 even HD 5970 Crossfire I think since 5970 fails in CF. It has horrible scaling.
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