Reboot and Select Proper boot device.. Error

Hello, my 3 year Asus N81v Laptop recently started giving me a "reboot and select proper boot device error"
I pressed F2 on next start up, and saw the boot order was still in the correct configuration with the HDD being the #1 listed.
From here I'm able to press F9 (load factory Defaults), then F10 (Save and Continue) which will boot my computer normally once.

I downloaded Seagates HDD driver tool, and it said the drive checked out okay (it is a seagate HDD), passed its Tests.

Even when doing the BIOS f2,f9,f10 work around. Next start up is always the "Reboot and select proper boot device" screen.

My next train of thought was that it might be a faulty OS, so I did a fresh clean install of Windows 7 64 bit. No dice, I'm still getting the error screen every time on startup, but it continues to work fine with the f2,f9,f10 work around.

I Consider myself pretty tech saving, but I'm all out of ideas here.

I thought it could be the CMOS battery, but not seeing any of the errors typically reported with a worn out CMOS battery.
Also Its possible that the HDD might just be pooped, yet somehow still passing the tests.

Asus N81V
Intel C2D @ 2.4 gh
4 gigs DDR2
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  1. It's possible that the MBR of the hard drive has become corrupted and needs to be reloaded.
  2. I just tried this using the bootrec.exe using /Fixmbr comands and it didn't seem to work. I'm Gonna run more hdd tests. If I purchased a new hard drive, any MBR corruption/ errors would go away with the old drive correct?
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