SiI 3114 IDE driver for XP pro sp3

I can't seem to get an IDE driver for a Silicon Image SATA controller card (3114) from the SI site to load in XP sp3. Driver is "suppose" to be Windows certified. Win error states device cannot start.

SI BIOS tool says "no SI device attached". Hence, I cannot update the BIOS on the card. I'm guessing a BIOS update will be necessary to use the latest driver for SP3 & without the latest driver, XP won't load the driver.
Same is true for the Win7 driver on a Win7 system.
And around & around we go...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for reading.
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  1. I erred in my initial description of the drivers I'm trying get loaded...'s a non-RAID SATA driver from
    My apologies for the error.

    The MB has 6 SATA ports, 4 in use. Because the MB is configured for RAID, I can't use my 2 optical drives in the 2 remaining ports. Got the 3114 SATA controller for non RAID use & compatibility with older drives.

    Considering the age of the drivers on SI's site, I wasn't surprised that their Win 7 driver didn't work, but it's disappointing that XP drivers won't load since the advent of SP3.

    Again, I appreciate any advice on how to get this working & thank you for reading.
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