ASUS laptop G74SX - FFC Sata got fried


Recently I have purchased a Samsung SSD 840 250gb. I wanted to install it on my laptop's second HDD bay. I used ASUS kit and everything looked fine. When turned on neither setup or windows could not detect new SSD. So I opened her up again and saw my FFC sata cable has been fried.

First of all, what could've caused this? Is it possible for anything else that has been damaged?
Then, I cannot get my hands on another same FFC (working overseas). but I do have one with 60v (instead of the original 30v), can I use that instead and try again?

Really appreciate the help.
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  1. That's the kind of question to be asking the tech support of either the drive maker or the laptop maker to get an accurate answer , you don't want to ruin the drive if it's still ok. Do you have a way to test it ?
    Also by working overseas I hope you had the appropriate power adaptors on when trying to use and rrecharge the laptop.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I don't think Samsung knows anything ASUS FFC cables. Already asked ASUS but got no reply, sadly contacting their customer support is like having a penpal in the old days, can takes months before you can make a conclusion.

    power adaptors and everything else are fine. No problem over there. I think it was a case of not installing the cable properly, but can that really burn the cable?

    My question is can I use a 60v Sata cable instead of 30v?
  3. I would want to know what caused the cable to burn in the first place because if it was a case of too much voltage then putting in a 60v cable will allow twice the voltage as the 30v cable and may not burn the 60v cable but what will that mean for the SSD.
    Power consumption on the SSD is.15w and 5v so I'm not all that sure of useing a 60v cable unless you can verify that your not feeding the SSD 60v.
  4. That's a fair point. I'm not sure what caused the problem in the first place myself. Could it be a faulty installation?

    Power wise everything is as the same of my home. You know I was trying to install SSD in my 2nd bay. There's another HDD in my laptop already and everything works just fine.
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