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Ok guys , I'm kinda in a confusing situation right now . Last week I built my cousin's computer installing windows 7 on his SSD and then using his regular hard drive as storage . The thing we found out until today was that we forgot that we had to install windows 7 64 bit since we had more than 4gb of ram. Now what im trying to ask here is how do I go about reformatting correctly and safely. Can I now just simply reformat his SSD with a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit and then within windows 7 format his HDD? Do I leave the HDD connected even though Im reformatting only his SSD for windows? I just wanna make sure Im doing this right . He doesn't care about his data on the regular HDD since we just built this.
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  1. Disconnect the hard drive and do a reinstall of Windows using the 64 bit version , then reconnect the hard drive and format it using the newly installed Windows.
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