2 USB 3.0 Super Talent Express RC8's in RAID 0

I recently bought a Super Talent USB 3.0 Express RC8 and it works wonders. I mean I get 190 mb/s read and write starting at 32kb transfer size all the way up to 8192kb. And the 4k and lower reads and writes are outstanding to say the least. I get 20 mb/s reads and 35 mb/s writes in 4k in AS SSD with none compressible data. This USB 3.0 flash drive IS an SSD. It has a Sandforce 1200 controller in it. Albeit the older one and it has over provisioning and TRIM enabled also. It is said to do 270 mb/s read and 220 mb/s write but I bet that is for the 100Gb version I only have the 25Gb. So I was managing my storage one day and I realized that it recognized my Express RC8 as a BASIC disk. And a basic disk can be changed to a dynamic disk and be made like a RAID 0 array. So I could have two of these things plugged in my laptop (which is a brand new DV6-7014nr w/Crucial 256Gb m4 SSD so the transfer rates will be really high) in RAID 0 getting two times the 190 mb/s read and write speeds. Now these 25Gb RC8's are fairly expensive at 84.99 from Walmart (everywhere else they are 150$ and up it seems) but I had some extra cash and bought another one to try this out and also because this is an awesome flash drive and I can give it to my little bro as a Christmas gift. Possibly the FASTEST OVERALL of all flash drives even the Super Talent RAIDDrive (Ive checked the sequential reads/writes are higher for the RAIDDrive but not the 32k and below which to me matters the most). And the reason I want this speed is because I run portable apps and ceedo and I want a blazing fast virtual environment.

Well anyways I told you what I think and I wanted to know your thoughts because I do not hear much about USB flash drive RAID 0 since USB 3.0 came out. Now that its fast no one wants to talk about RAID with flash drives. It seems like it would be the opposite. Also do you think anything would go wrong if I try to do this? And I WILL post my numbers after it is done so you guys know. It should be a fun experiment none the less. Tell me what you think, any advice? Keep in mind if this works I could be experiencing 380mb/s read and writes and 40mb/s 4k reads and 70 mb/s 4k writes (this is on AS SSD which uses incompressible data and its 4k not 4k64 which is usually higher) which is better than my Crucial m4 SSD at 4k and sequential writes although the Crucial is at 500mb/s on AS SSD and ATTO in sequential reads.
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  1. Any time you make a raid array you don't actualy double the data transfer rate but you do increase it to over half again as fast. The usb interface is also not as condusive to fast data rates like a sata controller would be.
    You won't screw anything up but since you have the two flash drives you can certianly see what you can get for a working setup. You do realize that you would have been much better off cost wise by getting a SSD ? Two 25 gb is still only 50 gb of space and not very usefull for holding an OS. As with any flash media you don't want to fill it past 80% as it will start to slow down in performance and by loading an OS you will certianly be at that 808% mark. If you use it for a storage davice only then your only going to see what the performance is based on what the OS is loaded on.
    This all is not to try and discourage you in any way but rather to let you know things that I didn't see in your poat and didn't know if you were aware of. It's always fun to experiment and see what can be done as long as your not expecting it to always be practical.
  2. I did mention I do have a Crucial m4 SSD and Windows 7. So yeah nothings holding me back. And an SSD doesn't replace a flash drive in anyway. An SSD is not portable. And whats not practical about a 50Gb of lightning speed flash storage?
  3. And by the way I have portable apps and a virtualized Ceedo desktop on the one 25Gb version and all my musice and videos and it still has 17Gb left.
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