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I just recently bought a 240 gb ssd and did a fresh install of windows 7 onto it. I was previously using a HDD for everything, so I also how windows 7 installed to that drive. I want to use the HDD for storage, but have a lot of steam games installed. How can I remove windows and keep all the data on it such as the games? I dont have a spare drive large enough to take all the files while i format the drive, so I need help.
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  1. Since it's a fresh install of win 7, you'll need to reinstall all your programs anyhow. The best you can do is backup the game saves and move them to the corresponing folder on the SSD.

    If you don't want to reinstall all your programs, you'll need to clone the HDD to the SSD, but this isn't recommended.
  2. The Steam games and all the settings for them are stored on the Steam Cloud so those can be deleted and then reloaded on the new drive and you won't lose anything. As far as your other games you can check them out as well and see if they do the same thing. I just bought a new SSD drive and after Windows was loaded I loaded the Steam client and then was able to download all of my Steam games and play them, there was nothing missing.
    For the rest what you can do is transfer ant games that don't have cloud service and install them on the new SSD , once you have everything saved that you want you can format the old drive and actually put some of the games and programs back so as to not fill up the SSD. The only issue you may have is I've heard that Steam only likes being on the C drive but I haven't tried to move it to a secondary drive so I can't be sure of that.
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