New Card gives black screen after xp Load screen

I just bought an ECS Nvidia Geforce 240gt to replace my ATI card. Both Cards are PCI-E

My computer: Dell precision 670 3.2 ghz xeon, 3gb ram

I installed the card and everything is good up till after the xp loading screen. then the screen goes blank. I think it might be missing drivers so I put back in the old card to install them, it wont let me install them since the hardware for the drivers isnt installed.

Im wondering if I can somehow install the drivers then put in the card if that will get it to work? Or maybe its a whole different problem??
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  1. Does the motherboard have onboard video? I only found one picture and I can't tell what ports are on the back. If so uninstall your video cards, use the onboard video. Get into XP, download (not install) the newest Nvidia drivers. Then download a program called driver sweeper. Use the control panal to delete all ATI drivers, then use driver sweeper to clean up any remains, finally try driver sweeper again in safe mode.

    After that install your nvidia driver, then the 240, and see if that works.
  2. The worst scenario would be to reinstall your Windows (what a pain!)

    But just as Helltech said, try to use the onboard GPU (if available) to at least go to Windows. Uninstall the ATI driver, use driver sweeper, then install the nVidia one. I think there's a conflict between drivers in your Windows XP.

    Second method, try the safe mode to enter Windows. It usually works when external drivers/softwares are faulty, since safe mode only loads the basic setup and services.

    Well, that's all the solution that I can think of. Hope this helps

    Fill us in on the results, okay. Good luck!
  3. The motherboard does not have onboard video (how for the first time i wish it did lol). I have tried safemode and screen stays black, I know everything loads since I can still use windows key to get into all menus and shutdown, I just cant see what I am doing.

    I cant run the nvidia drivers install software since it tells me that I dont have the card installed. Anyone know a way to see if I have the windows plug and play drivers for nvidia cards? I have a feeling they are missing and that is causing issues, most of this isnt making sense to me.

    Is it possible to install nvidia drivers without the card installed already?
  4. Really, well from the pictures it looked like it did, but I couldn't tell. Do you have another GPU to try out?
  5. I just have my ATI v3100 that came with the system, it works fine right now. Im wondering if I can go into my friends computer that has XP and just copy some files from his "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers" folder and try to see if something works.
  6. I would not reccomend that.

    You say your system is working now, is that with the v3100 or the 240GT?
  7. its with the crappy v3100. the 240gt is what i bought to replace it. damn i want to put the new one in so I can finally play some games I been wanting to play for a while.

    What do you guys think of this

    Also someone told me about resetting the cmos? maybe it would make my motherboard detect new hardware or something, when I go into the f12 menu at boot video wise, the only options i get is to choose between PEG or VGA or something PEG is for pci-e i guess. .

    :pfff: this is starting to get me mad.
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    Ok, when you have the v3100 plugged in download the newest Nvidia driver for the 240GT. Remove all video drivers via Control Panal. After that use driver sweeper to remove all video drivers from your system.

    Then go into safe mode and make sure all of the drivers are deleted. Now install the Nvidia drivers.

    Shut the computer off, plug in the 240GT, see if that works.
  9. before I go deleting drivers, wont it just say no 240gt installed so cant install drivers like its been saying?
  10. SOLVED! what I ended up doing what starting the pc with new graphics card installed, then when I got the black screen I pushed windows key - U to enable the narrator, which tells you what menu you are in through the speaker.

    I had downloaded the drivers I needed from Nvidia's website and placed them on the desktop so all I had to do was get to the desktop and run the install for the drivers. using tab,space,arrows, I got the drivers installed and now it all works.

    Thanks for your guys help in this. thanks helltech
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