NAS, what should I buy for my needs...

I'm looking to get a NAS for my home network. I am planning on placing all my media (movies / music / pictures) as well as documents on this unit and using my DLNA TVs / Roku boxes to stream what i need around the helps keep my kids off my tv and onto theirs...

i've already purchased 2 of these on black friday for $89:

and i have an order in for this one from but they are not sure that i will actually receive it because they don't have it in stock and they are not sure if it will ever come in...i don't get it either...

the price for this netgear was perfect, but i can't find anything else with similar specs for that price...i want an atom processor and the next best thing i can find is the qnap

but i'm not ready to shell out $500 for it just yet...

any other options i should look into?

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  1. Thecus N2200XXX
    Synology DiskStation DS710+
  2. I have the Qnap TS-210 (see 212 for latest version) and use it as a mapped drive for all laptops (windows), music through squeezebox duet, share video to Samsung TV (semi smart with DLNA support) and iPad/iPhone. The Samsung allshare is a bit narrow on file support, but using Handbrake with Regular --> High Profile setting solved the issue. I have now ripped all DVDs and kids scratching discs is no longer a problem. Also, ripping them to MP4 removes Disney "slow" play and the fun starts instantly with correct language (we speak Norwegian and would normally have to choose between different languages at DVD startup)

    Streaming to iPad takes a while caching, but I think the wireless is just as much the the issue. I have streamed Fireman Sam to the TV (wired) and Robin Hood to the Ipad at the same time.

    Also, free text search on the squeeze box might take a while, but if CPU/RAM is the issue, the TS-219 is much more powerful - still fairly cheap.

    Qnap apps on iPhone also lets you download files locally, which saves me the hazzle trying to get files syncronized using the hopeless iTunes. It is also possible to "cloud" your content, making it available outside your home network.

    Fan noise is low, having the NAS next to the TV (only speeds up for a while during hot summer days). I use 2x 1,5TB WD green mirrored, but the NAS supports 3 or 4TB discs. I also have a USB disk at work that I bring home regularly for backup (in case fire, burglary).
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