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XFX HD4350 frustation -- only 1 PCI-E Connector on PSU!

I'm in the process of upgrading a machine so I can run dual monitors. I purchased the XFX Radeon 4350 (after reading much here - thank you) and I purchased an adequate power supply for the card (350w).

I thought I did my research well but upon opening the video card and reading the instructions, it seems that the card requires that you plug in 2 X PCI-E connectors from the PSU. I had looked at all of the specs for this card (and I checked again just now) and nowhere did I see (maybe I missed it) that the card required TWO PCI-E connectors from the PSU.

So with much frustration I ask, can this card get power directly from the slot and/or the single PCI-E connector, or do I really need to get another power supply. I'm only doing basic dual monitor stuff and I'm not playing games (at all) -- so my main concern would be just to make sure that there's no danger (e.g. blow the PSU, have a fire) by running this card without the 2 connectors.

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  1. If it needs 2 PCI-E connectors you didnt get a 4350, check the card itself for a sticker to confirm that it is a 4350. You wont damage the card by running it without the power it just might not work right, but if it is a 4350 it should be totally fine.
  2. Wow that was fast. Well I have the box and it says:

    XFX RADEON HD 4350.

    HD 4350 600M 1GB DDR2 DVI TV PCI-E

    In the box there's a quick install guide that show a picture of connecting either two individual 6-pin power cables or two individual 8-pin connectors.

    If it helps, the model # is: HD-435X- ZA

    Thank you so much.
  3. Does the card itself have the connectors for the PCI-E power connectors? None of the ones i saw on the XFX site did(they really shouldnt). The quick install guide might have been reused for a different card. If your card does have the connectors for it can you post a picture of it?
  4. How embrassing! I looked at the card and there aren't even ANY PCI-E connectors on it. So it looks like the quick install guide is "generic".

    In fact it says in small letters about certain cards that require ancillary power.

    Well it looks like the problem is thus solved.

    Thank you for your quick help!!!!!

    But why would it say it needs a PCI-E connector if there's none on the card?
  5. Most cards need a PCI-E connector, only the lower end ones dont, and its probably cheaper for them to print 5 million of the same guide than it is to print 2.5 million of guide A and 2.5 million of guide B
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    there are several models xfx HD-435X- ZA but none need added power. the directions may be generic to cover for various models like 4350,4550, 4850, etc.,

    i own two 4350, simply plug it into your graphic slot. no added power is needed.
  7. yup. that's it. thank you again!
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  9. This I'm sure is gonna sound stupid, but oh well. I have this same card and would like to run to monitors as well. I have two monitors that DVI connections on the back. How do I connect the two monitors to the single card?

    Thanks in advance,
  10. Thanks...That pretty much answers my question. Wasn't sure if I needed to get a Y cable or just use the VGA connection. Anybody know if I can expect to loose resolution or video degradation?
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