Dell inspiron 531s with asus ati radeon hd 4350


I just installed ASUS video card with ATI Radeon HD 4350 DDR2 512MB in my Dell Inspiron 531s box
and it seems fine.

Earlier, I had a terrible experience with ATI Radeon X1300 card with its CCC....had very frequent display hang-ups, overheated video card, couldn't play movies etc etc.

Now I've chosen NOT to install CCC and just the ATI display driver.

Q1) If I need to adjust any settings for the new card, do I've to install CCC ?

I want to avoid installing it as much as possible due to the past bad experience.

Q2) In the Phoneix AWARD Bios that I've, found 'video memory size' in 'advanced chipset features' set to this value related to the 512MB memory in the video card ?

If yes, am not able to set it to 512MB but only to 256MB (thats the max available) in the BIOS.

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  1. Yes, you must install CCC for that...
    Don't worry too much, just install it, if something's goes wrong you can uninstall it, but i'm sure it won't give you problem. :)
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