Hard Drive help??? :/

ok so my western digital hard drive 250gb is able to start up and run windows xp perfectly fine on this everex computer but when i put in the computer it came in the sony vaio it always says disk read error ive tried every thing change the boot order put in a windows xp cd try and boot from there and it wont boot its like not reading anything i really need help cause the computer has good hardware i cant put on the other computer?
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  1. Are you saying that the Sony's CD/DVD drive is bad?
    Did you reinstall XP when you moved the HDD to the everex computer?
  2. i really dont know cause now i put the drive in and started it up and i got the yoyo :/ yea so now if i try and boot from the windows xp cd it gives me the yoyo sooo? oh and what i did was cause before i kept getting a disk read error so i took the hdd out put it in the everex and installed xp it worked but when i put it back i still got a disk read error but now all i get is yoyo i can get into bios and i can hit f12 or esc and i can select a boot like cd or hdd or usb but still which ever one you pick it shows yoyo

    thx in advance
  3. what is YOYO?
  4. I suggest speaking English and learning to punctuate and capitalize also.
  5. ok ram i am speaking English! what else am i speaking??? and who cares if i dont capitalize dont like leave
  6. anonymous1 said:
    what is YOYO?

    yoyo its a y infinity y infinity symbol but now i dont get that all i get now is a disk read error occurred ctrl alt del to restart
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