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I am running windows 7. I am trying to swop out my Netgear dgn2000 with a Netgear wnr3500. I keep on getting invalid network adapter message when trying to setup through cd and manually on router. Yet I can do a perfect Lan connection to my dgn2000.
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  1. Have you uninstalled the dgn2000 ?
  2. Yes that is working perfectly fine. It is when I want to install the wnr3500. not sure if i need to get a windows 7 installation cd for it.
  3. BTW it is and HP Elitebook 8530P
  4. If the router install CD doesn't support Win 7, install the router manually.

    See the documentation for how to access the router's setup screens via your browser using an ethernet cable between router and computer -- if necessary consult your ISP on WAN settings.
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