Does Corsair 4GB VENGENCE fit?

Iam building a new computer and I've heard that I should get memories with 1.5V. However the only 2x2gig (4gig) 1600MHz 1.5V I find is the Corsair 4GB VENGENCE.. But I have read that those are really big in size :s..

Iam thinking of buying a SI P67A-GD55 REV B3 motherboard, will they fit?

Is there any other memories I've missed?
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  1. Yes they will fit. You can also get the G Skill RipJaw 1600
  2. Whether they fit or not depends on the CPU cooler. They will fit for sure with the stock cooler, but if you are buying a big after-market cooler they might not fit.

    Here are the 1.5v memory types I recommend:
    G.Skill Ripjaws
    G.Skill Ripjaws X
    G.Skill Sniper
    Corsair Vengeance
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