Cooler master v6 vs v6gt

does anybody know if there is any performance difference between the cooler v6 and v6gt cpu heatsinks? i know the gt version has a nickel coating over the copper heatpipes which i have read on other forums to be anti-corrossive and could possibly help transfer heat from copper to aluminium but i just dont know i dont supose anybody has an opinion or has used them both...? <-- v6gt <--v6

*edit* mkay just found out v6 has 1 fan and v6gt has 2 im gonna replace both fans anyway with some Delta 150cfm beasts but aside from fans is there any difference between? because i dont see why they would charge an extra $20 for 1 fan opinions plzzzz
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  1. I would say none of those. Get Noctua DH14. Would give you the best cooling you expect from a cooler.
  2. are the fans on the noctua replaceable?
  3. Noctua's are a bit difficult to pull apart. I dont own a Noctua. Just wait for some Noctua owner to reply back to that.
  4. Which cooler did you end up getting? I have the V6GT myself and it is awesome. If you have not yet gotten a cooler, I highly recommend the V6GT. If price is a problem, go with the Hyper 212+. Great cooling for a great price.
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