9600 gt OC sli

Will this power supply do well for a 9600 gt oc sli?
i already have a spare 9600 gt oc for a system that i am building, i found some 9600 gts under 50 dollars on ebay so i was going to sli them.

It says that is has 35a on the 12v rail if i am reading it right.
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  1. Theoretically it should be alright but it is very odd that they list so much info and all the specifications and make no mention at all of the brand/model.
  2. Its powerful enough, but I wouldn't trust it... heh.
  3. a new 650W PSU for $27.88?
    It's not good...

    Like jyjjy said above, if the specs are right then you can SLI OC 9600GT.
    But, why not selling your card and get a single powerful card?
  4. Don't do it. The power supply may be the most important piece of hardware in your computer. If you buy a cheap piece of junk, most likely it will burn up and it might take your motherboard, video card etc. with it. I would plan on spending at least $60 to buy a decent power supply. I'd say at least 500W from someone like Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, Thermaltake, SilverStone, Zalman, Cooler Master, PC Power and Cooling.

    This would be a good one for an SLI 9600gt setup

    If I was you though, Instead of spending another $100 on an outdated 9600gt SLI setup I'd sell the 9600gt you have now and buy an HD 5770. It will be about as fast as your 9600gt SLI setup, it's a directx 11 card, and you can run it on your current power supply. Then down the road you can throw another one in for crossfire.
  5. well im buying a 5770 for my pc then im passing the 9600 gt down to a new pc. on ebay they sell used for 30 dollars with shipping. i'd say thats a deal.
  6. g4kioN1 said:
    well im buying a 5770 for my pc then im passing the 9600 gt down to a new pc. on ebay they sell used for 30 dollars with shipping. i'd say thats a deal.

    I see, but I think you are looking at the auction listings. If you just look at the buy it now the cheapest one is $52, which is still a good deal. You might be able to get one for $30 if you bid on it, nobody wants 9600gt's anymore, trust me. I sold one dirt cheap and it took me forever. I'd like to sell the other one I have and get a low profile one but I think I'm stuck with it.
  7. yeah i think ill get that antec psu unless someone posts a better deal. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Antec is a good brand but their BP line is not particularly good. Despite being rated at 500w this PSU is actually better and it is also cheaper;
    The BP550 has a max load of 384w on the +12v rail while the neo 500w can supply 456w. The +12v rail is what supplies the power to most of the computer including the video cards.
  9. do i need two 25a 12v rails since ill be running sli? on the picture it says 22a, 22a, 25a
  10. Forget about the BP550. Like I have said it is both worse and more expensive than the unit I linked.
    The cards will be receiving power both from the motherboard and the PCIE power connectors which I would think all are different rails so don't worry about that.
  11. Im not very fond of PSU's but on the neo model that you listed it says it has
    +12V2@17A, +12V3@17A, -12V@0.8A,
    im not sure if this is a correct source but he mentioned that it needed 26 amps.

    can you explain your reasoning a little more in depth so that i can understand? :)
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    The unit I linked has more than 26 amps. The listed amperage on the rails is the maximum each rail can give out individually. It has 3 +12v rails that can combine for a total power output of 456w, as I said earlier. Power = Voltage x Current so 456w/12v = 38 amps total. The BP550 also has 3 rails but their maximum power output is 384w/12v = 32 amps.
    The video cards will receive power through both the motherboard and the PCIE power connectors so they will both be attached to multiple rails. Either of those PSUs should be alright for SLIed 9600GTs but the one I linked is better both in power output and build quality on top of being cheaper.
  13. BP550- +3.3V@28A, +5V@26A, +12V1@22A, +12V2@22A, +12V3@25A, -12V@0.5A, +5VSB@2.5A

    Neo Power- +3.3V@23A, +5V@17A, +12V1@17A, +12V2@17A, +12V3@17A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2.5A

    Am I missing something? The BP550 is way more powerful than the Neo Power. Also the Neo Power is unavailable, and the BP550 got better reviews from more people.
  14. Yes, you are missing how much power the unit can actually provide on the +12v rails. I have stated the numbers repeatedly. You can look them up. The +12v rail is by far the most important rating for a modern PSU. It provides power for most of the major components including the CPU and video card(s).
    The BP series is Antecs low end units, the Neo Power series is a notch above that both in build quality and power ratings(which is why a "500w" has more power on the +12v rails than a "550w".) If you are going to choose a PSU based on Neweggs customer ratings I request you at least not suggest others do the same.
    As for the availability it was available when I linked it. In place of it I would recommend this one instead;
    It's not cheaper than the BP550 like the Neo Power was but it is the same price and better(444w on the +12v rails.)
  15. Okay, I see what you are talking about. The max load rating. I apologize, I was under the impression that the amperage stated on the individual +12v rails was the most important factor in determining power. That's crazy that the BP550 states it has so much more amperage on each rail, but has less combined output. I don't buy components based on user reviews either, as most people don't troubleshoot before they write a bad review. However, if a power supply has that many reviews and such a low number are bad ones, it's safe to say it has a low rate of failure and won't burn your house down while you sleep.
  16. Yeah, the customer ratings can be a good basic guide if there are enough of them for certain components. For something like a PSU it basically = "did it work when i first got it" because the average person wont be able to tell anything more than that. A good thing to keep in mind is that the negative reviews are always over represented. People are MUCH more likely to leave a review if they have something to complain about.
  17. thanks jyjjy but im just curious about what the individual outputs do, and how did you find the maximum output for the neo? says it has a maximum of 768w? so with this powersupply would i be able to run quadsli or a quad crossfire since it has 5 12v rails? 768w/12v=64 amps, if i found 4 video cards that use less than 64 amps?
  18. nvm i see it has 4 12v rails so i could use 3 video cards? what is the last rail used for, the processor?
  19. The number of rails has nothing to do with how many cards you can run, its simply design differences in different PSUs.
    You can run 4 cards in Crossfire/SLI on a single rail if there enough power.
  20. how many 5770 could you run with this powersupply? how do the number of rails effect a powersupply?
  21. g4kioN1 said:
    how many 5770 could you run with this powersupply? how do the number of rails effect a powersupply?

    The number of rails is just a difference in design.

    Its like buying some thing thats $100, you can use a single $100 bill (single rail) or 5 $20 bills (5-rails).

    Some might argue that single-rail designs are more "efficient" or multi-rail designs are "safer", but the difference in quality PSUs are barely noticeable.

    As long as the rated output are the same for two high-quality PSUs, they can deliver the same amount of power.

    HD5770s only use 110W on max load, so four of them would require a bit less than 440W on the combined 12V rail, in this case the Antec would be more than enough.

    But why do you want 4 5770s? Crossfire/SLI past 3 cards scale horribly, you only get a less than 10% gain in most cases.
  22. im not trying to run four. i have 1 on its way i will end up adding one more in the future and possibly a third. i've seen 3way crossfire benchmarks for the 5770 and was impressed.

    could you show me an example of how someone could use this 850w psu effectively?
  23. does this mean i can run up to 64 amps on each rail since there is 4, or does 64 amps mean for the whole power supply?
  24. A 850w power supply would be used for something like multiple GTX 470s which uses much more power than your card. If the max you are considering is 3 HD5770s(does your mother board have 3 PCIE ports at at least x8?) then a 650w of a good brand should be enough. This would be a good choice at a good price;
    or for something slightly better;
  25. if i understand clearly this means that i just need enough watts to run all of my hardware at max output and i need a high enough amp to run every individual card?

    since the 5770 run under 45 amps that means i could run how ever many i want as long as i have enough watts to handle all of them at max output?

    btw i have 4 pcie slots
    do you think that 850w psu is good?
  26. Yes, it is really max power output on the +12v rails that matters. Each card can receive power from both the motherboard and the PCIE power connector. Under normal usage the HD5770 actually maxes out around 85W or 7 amps. Higher than that will likely only come during stress testing with something like Furmark.
  27. so does that mean that i would have to add up the total amps from each card, hdd, cd/dvd, processor, or do i just have to make sure everything that i use is under the amp rating (45a)?
  28. The processor and the video cards will be main components that draw significant power. For the rest of the system leaving a buffer of about 50w should be enough unless you have an exceptional amount of drives/cards. If you want to be extra safe with 3 HD5770s then go with the Corsair unit with 624w on the +12v. That will certainly be more than enough even if you OC everything to the max. It is a better brand anyway.
  29. if i have a 700 maximum output psu i should be fine running 3 5770 right? i did order that 850 cosair but im returning it because i realized that when i took out my 750w i found 2 more 6pin connectors and read on the psu that it was 700w maximum output on the 12v so i assume that it will be good enough?
  30. Yeah, 700w on the +12v rail(s) should be more than enough. What brand/model is it exactly?
  31. its an alienware generic brand. seems pretty good to me since ive had this computer running great for 2 years.

    and relating to the 9600gt sli i got an antec Neo ECO 520c

    looked like a great one.

    btw thanks a lot jyjjy i can finally use physics effectively in the real world! lol
  32. Yeah, that should be fine.
    I'm still not sure my 3 semesters of engineering physics was worth it though :p
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