I5 750 CPU Can't decide which graphics card to use.

Hey I am going to be building a new desktop trying to stay under $1000, I will be using a i5 750 quad core processor and a gigabyte ga-p55-usb3 motherboard (see links below). I will be using this computer to play games including star craft II, counterstrike, MW2, Guild wars 2. I would like a higher end Video card but i still wanna try to stay under my $1000 limit. Please leave your personal choice and why you chose this. Thanks


i5 750 CPU
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  1. I've seen a lot of recommendations for the GTX460... Might want to look into that. If 200 is a little bit expensive, there's always the 5770. But from what i've seen, you might as well just bump up to the 460...

    Cue GTX460 Performance charts in 3... 2.. 1...
  2. What is the native resolution of your monitor, what power supply do you plan on using and approximately how much do you have to spend on the card itself?
  3. How much do you have left over to spend on the card?
  4. I am using a 650W psu (not sure if that is more than enough or not) also. I am using a monitor with either 1600 x 900 or maybe something a little better depending on the extra money i have left over. I am looking to spend about $100-$200 on the video card
  5. HD5770 or GTX 460 depending on how much you have to spend.
  6. The HD 5770 1GB can be had for around 160$ while the GTX 460 768 MB will cost 200$.Both are quite capable at the resolution you mention.
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    @ 1600x900 even an ATI 5770 is more than you need.

    If you upgrade to anything better (1920x1080 for example) I'd go GTX 460.

    If you upgrade to 1680x1050 an ATI 5770 could do it.

    Ultimately, the best bang for your buck is the GTX 460 in my opinion. Personally, I'd opt for the 1GB version as it'll give you more memory for large textures at higher resolutions. Granted, at your current 1600x900 it won't matter much, and the GTX 460 would be overkill.
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