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So i have a "potentially" faulty CPU due to a failed overclock. Before i was only able to get fans running and lights on but no signal in monitor. after replacing the mobo everything turns on and i get visuals (bios) but it won't boot into an OS. This led me to the conclusion of a failing cpu. i was wondering if i tested it on a friends mobo will it damage his computer also? or do overclocked settings stay on the mobo not the cpu.
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  1. OC'ed settings stay on the mobo.

    Since your system boots and you don't get a display, I won't be entirely sure if the problem lies in your processor, however testing it on a friend's motherboard (assuming its compatible) would be a good way to zero in on where the problem lies.
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    If you can enter bios then your cpu is fine.Overclock setting can saved both in windows and bios depending upon the method used to overclock.Did you use any window based app to overclock?

    no i overclocked through bios... stupid me (i was younger and dumb)bad voltage. so now after the computer "died" on me ive been trying to rebuild. The only things i havent replaced are the cpu and HDD. i only want to spend on things that i need to get into windows.
  3. this also gets me thinking... could it be my HDD's? do you need an HDD to even boot from a disc like windows or even linux? i tried running killdisk and all the utilities on it. everything worked besides kill disk itself. when i tried to run it, it freaked out and went into a terminal that was going at like 1000mph :P. im guessing it is the hard drive if even possible. any input?
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