Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus a good psu??

Is this a reliable and quiet psu? I need a 500w psu and I don't want to spend anymore than $40, so I thought this would do the job. Is it good?
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  1. Are you buying from newegg? An Antec EA430D is more powerful(32A on the 12V rails vs 30A), and cheaper because it has free shipping and a $15 off promo code right now so i would take that over the older cooler master.
  2. imanoob93 said:
    Is this a reliable and quiet psu?

    I don't think so. There are much better alternatives.
  3. In that price its not bad.

    You cant get anything better in 39.99$!
  4. oops, forgot to add the link.

    Hunter, i'm looking for a 500w psu, not 430.
    I was just wondering if i could get a good quiet psu for $40-$45
  5. Rated wattage doesnt mean a thing, the combined power on the 12V rails is what counts since 80% of the systems power comes from there. All of the power for the CPU and GPU comes from the 12V rail and the EA430D provides you an extra 24W over what the cooler master provides, and the antec is higher quality, more efficient, and has active PFC indicating a more modern design. Different PSU manufacturers rate their units different, higher end units are rated off of their 12V capacity rounded to the nearest normal number(550W, 600W etc), lower quality units are rated off of their 5V, 3.3V, and 12V capacities all combined to give them a higher rating to make it look better, really crappy units have their wattage rated at peak(what it can do for 1-3 seconds) not continuous.
  6. Thank you, raising a bit helped.

    Here is the best of the rest at the price point.|17-611-007^17-611-007-S01%2C17-371-029^17-371-029-TS%2C17-371-033^17-371-033-TS%2C17-182-202^17-182-202-TS%2C17-611-006^17-611-006-S01
  7. Oh ok I see. Well I'm not very computer techy so i don't know too much about psu.

    Do you think it would power my system efficiently?

    4gigs ddr2 ram
    sapphire 512mb 5670 vc
    400gb hdd
    Pentium D 3.4 cpu
  8. Your system doesnt need much power, the 5670 is super low power, a good 400W unit can handle it, so the EA430D wont have a problem powering that system and with its promo code is a good deal for now. Though its promo code might end in an hour, not sure.
  9. I have a 400 watt psu made by Cooler Master but I think its kinda crappy. That's why I was looking for a new one. It looks like that Antec Earthwatts psu would work perfect. Though a little on the pricey side, I think i'm going to get it.
  10. What i will suggest is :

    Anech EarthWatts Green EA-380D Green 380W Continuous power Power Supply,

    Tuniq Potency PSU-POT650-BK 650W Power Supply,

    Rosewill Green Series RG430-S12 430W.

    Nothing Else.
  11. The EarthWatts series are solid.
  12. +1 EA430!
  13. There's no EA430...
  14. Yes there is, it's linked in the first reply to this thread.
  15. ^ in his budget and in my list...

    ... and to all, do a favor and read the whole thread.

    ... though it never hurts adding 10, 15 dollars. it only hurts when even getting 40 is hard :D
  16. When i posted it there was a $15 off promo code for it so it was within the budget, you apparently skipped over it entirely when i had posted it so i feel it is you who needs to read the thread.
  17. not blind, your promo is gone. You posted it on same date as it ends, so if he ordered that same second, may be he got lucky. otherwise dear its hard for any real life entity? eh?
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