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Hello everyone, recently i built a reasonably quiet PC with a SSD for OS and now i am looking for a larger storage for documents, movies, games and etc. I want fast storage as well as quiet. I am leaning towards WD Black WD1002FAEX 1TB HDD but i am not sure about its noise levels. I watched a few youtube videos and am curious are the noise levels of this HDD really that bad? Maybe I should go for the WD green WD10EARX? Would there be huge performance difference?
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  1. As a user of both I can say that there are times that I can hear my Black over my fans but not often only when you are really hitting the drive hard. The green however is almost silent. I can only hear it when I get close or take off the side of my computer.

    There is a bit of a performance difference (Black spins at 7200rpm, green spins at an average of ~5400) but nothing that is actually noticeable in anything other than benches.
  2. i got a 750 black and the fan made more noise then it does
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