AMD Athlon 64 4000+ and K9AGM2 mobo, worth messing with?

A friend of mine just gave me this motherboard and CPU that have never even been opened. He won them at a tech conference.

I know nothing of AMD products but since it was free I did not refuse.

I know these two items are a few years old is it worth it to put a cheap system together around them? Talking about spending maybe $100 or 200 (already have an 8800 gt OC to throw in) and getting either a game server, media server or nas going.
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  1. It'll work. Find some cheap ddr2 on craigslist. You should be able to get some for $10 a gb.
  2. Grab a +3800 Windsor X2 cheap second hand - they overclock well and undervolted work well as a HTTP box or media server.

    A 65 / 89 Watt CPU is a better choice than the 125W jobs too ... they run pretty hot.

    No point in putting together a second computer that is going to suck up a huge power bill unless it runs like the wind ... which this won't.

    It will be ok though ... Just don't expect to pull decent RPM's in Crysis ... lol.
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