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So I have an Biostar AM2+ motherboard and about a year and a half ago I got a new Phenom II 945 Deneb cpu for it. Ever since I got it I have had to hit the reset button to get it to post, other than that it has ran fine. Finally today I realized I needed to upgrade my bios for Phenom II support and that probably why I have been having the boot problem all this time.

So I flashed the bios, and reset cmos defaults and I am getting an error, it says " cpu max power over 95 watts..prepare to shutdown" 10...9...8...

I know that the board only supports cpus with max 95 watts, but the cpu I have IS the 95watt version, and the cpu is listed as supported on the Biostar site.. so I dont understand why I'm getting this problem.

Any help is appreciated.

Biostar TA780G M2+
AMD Phenom II 945 Deneb (C2 stepping)
Corsair 750watt psu
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  1. Update: I disabled one core and it boots fine now. It seems the new bios fixed my original problem. However I'm only running 3 cores now...It will work for a temporary fix.

    It really seems like the cpu is not compatible with my mobo, but its on biostars supported list plain as day. I dont get it..
  2. Yeah, It seems I'm just talking to myself, but in case somebody else has the same problem on the ancient motherboard referenced above, I dropped the bios back to an older version, but still newer than my original version, and that solved my problems.
  3. There are (3) flavors of the AMD Phenom II 945 your post suggests the 125W. Your MOBO ONLY lists the #2 listed below. If you have the 95W HDX945WFK4DGI / HDX945WFGIBOX then you need update your BIOS to the latest version. However, if you have #1 OR #3, particularly #1 then you have a choices: 1. New MOBO or 2. New CPU :(

    Supported CPUs:
    A. TA780G M2+ Ver. 6.x -
    B. TA780G M2+ HP Ver. 6.x -

    1. 125W HDX945FBK4DGI / HDX945FBGIBOX

    2. 95W HDX945WFK4DGI / HDX945WFGIBOX
    3. 95W HDX945WFK4DGM / HDX945WFGMBOX
  4. Yeah, I have the first motherboard you listed, not the HP version.
    And according to my newegg receipt I have the #2 cpu in your list, and CPUID confirms its a 95 watt cpu.

    I tried the latest bios, but it gave me the over 95watt error above. I have dropped my bios back to an older version that I found here:

    I used the version on that page. The version I am using doesnt include the code to give the over 95watt error. I realize I may damage my board if somehow my cpu is drawing more than 95watts but it seems I have no other choice than to run the older bios with the hardware I have, if I want it to work properly. It seems to be running fine now. Worst case senario, I ruin the board and have to buy a new one, right? The board is only worth $50 at most, and the alternative is to buy a new board now.
  5. ONLY USE the BIOS from Biostar!!! Many sites offer you the 'privilege' of a BIOS virus...

    Official BIOS ->

    Use CPU-z to confirm your CPU -> and it's report. If needed pull the HSF, visually confirm CPU model, clean old paste, apply new paste and re-install the HSF.

    Other possible issues:
    1. Hacked BIOS
    2. Bad CPU
    3. Power Supply
    4. 'Maybe' it's not #2 above.
    5. CMOS Battery
    6. Bad MOBO

    Beyond that I don't know?!
  6. Yeah I would have prefered to use the Official Bios but I could not get it to work.
    I will post the cpuID report tonight and we can go from there I guess.
    I might as well just pull the hsf too becuase I have a new one I have been waiting to install. the hyper 212+
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