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Which would be better?

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August 25, 2010 5:34:57 AM

Currently I have a Gateway NV53 with AMD and it seems to handle the basics and allows me to do some gaming "Graphics card is a 4200 hd" when on low settings. Iv'e really been wanting a gaming desktop for sometime now and have finally decided it's time. But with all the new technology flying around, it's truly overwhelming to someone like myself who is somewhat new to all of it. I like the look of a homebuilt system, im hooked on the i7 from intel and have been looking at a Gateway fx for sometime "By no means am I all Gateway, but they seem to usually have a bigger bang for the buck or maybe it's just me lol" I have looked up some of the parts on this model to compare price and it seems I can buy the Gateway cheaper than build it on my own. I guess what im truly wanting to know is this machine worth the money, would you recommend another brand, or would building it myself be a better bet? I know im a noob, but you have to start somewhere.

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August 25, 2010 11:02:21 PM

that's a really nice looking comp, very nice case, specs are pretty good, but for that money, i have a 1 tb pc, 3 core processor, awesome speakers, 4 gig ram, normal monitor, keyboard, gaming mouse, but not just one, but TWO graphics cards, so my homebuilt computer would probably run games faster than this one.

so if you want to build a homebuilt pc, theres much more of a sense of accomplishment when it works, but just keep another computer with an internet browser around, cuz you may have a problem while building it sometime.
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August 26, 2010 7:27:23 AM

Reasons note to get pre-built systems :
1. No explanation of the components used inside except the basic specs. Usually low quality components are used.
2. "You will stay stupid", and not able to build or repair any PC "ever", if you keep buying pre-build or branded PCs. You will get smarter and smarter with every rig you have built.
3. Not really customable.
4. A lot more expensive (see also reason num. 1)

A good start for self-built :
August 26, 2010 1:12:41 PM

Thanks for the replies, believe me I would MUCH rather have a system I built myself lol and yeah I would definitely need help I have a brother in-law who went to school for computers and he is really the one who got me started wanted something more. Thanks for the link, it seems pretty helpful. You said you had two graphics cards, may I ask which two you have and will I notice much of a difference with two? Thanks again.