Hey - is my hard drive due to be replaced?

So I posted in the Motherboard section a little while before and was trying to figure out if my problem was related to my CPU/Motherboard at all. After some help from you guys ( thanks ), I was pointed to attempt to test my hard drive.

At first, I thought my harddrive was fine , using HD Tune Pro, I did a random access test and a surface scan and everything seemed more or less in line.

Then I started up my computer today and decided, oh, what the hell, lets try it again. Completely different.

So, here is the "benchmark" that another site provided:

And here's what I found on my computer:

As you can see, the band is MASSIVELY wider than the one on the benchmark, and my IOPS tanked. Granted, this didnt happen every time I ran the test, but it did happen this time, and this is after the computer has been operating for a few hours ( I think the first time I ran the test, it was cold ).

Could anything else be effecting the test in this manner outside of drive performance? Keep in mind during both tests the same # of programs have been running. (notably, just AMD catalyst).
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    So I actually found out what the problem was.

    It was a faulty socket. Like, electrical socket.

    Apparently, one of the sockets in my apartment was not wired correctly. I live in Brooklyn and when conferring with another Brooklynite, he told me that when he moved to his current apartment he found out that all but the sockets in the kitchen and bathroom were wired incorrectly.

    I switched out my power strip with one that had a "faulty wiring" ( site wiring fault ) indicator, and bam, the light went on. I switched to a socket in my apartment that was fine, and everything started up ( in like, 10 seconds ) operating beautifully.

    Oh, and my second RAM slot works again now. Go figure.

    Jesus Christ. I wish I had known about this earlier.
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