Replaced ATI 5770 with 4850, Freezing Problem

I bought my computer in May, its a HPE-150t. When I had my ATI 5770 I had a problem where if I tried playing Modern Warfare 2, my computer would freeze randomly (usually after 1 game). My screen would be stuck on the last frame, and there would be no sound; after doing a force shutdown on my PC and rebooting, I sometimes freeze on the "Starting Windows" Logo screen, and have to restart AGAIN.

The problem seemed exclusive to MW2 at the time. I did some troubleshooting, and threw my ATI 3650 into my comp, and the problem seemed to go away (didn't do a REALLY extensive test though). So I recently replaced my 5770 with a ATI 4850 (HIS,1gb) hoping that it would be a more reliable card.

However I am still plagued with the problem, except now I freeze anywhere (MW2,WoW, desktop). I also got 1 BSOD on the 4850:
'Stop 0x00000101 "A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval"'

However the problem is for the most part just random lockups, and my computer will freeze at the "Starting Windows" Logo screen, and sometimes won't pass it until the 3rd or 4th reboot. Computer will also run CHKDSK sometimes, and no problems are found.

I ran a CPU Stress Test with Prime95, and I did okay. I also tried a stress test with MSI Kombustor, and my computer froze after about 30 seconds, so I'm thinking this is GPU/PSU related. I also did a system scan, and there were no problems found with my system files. I've tried using different drivers, I've used the drivers that came on the disc (8.x), 9.8, and the most recent 10.6; same problem across all drivers.

My specs are below:

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-150t PC
# Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
# • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-750 quad-core processor [2.66GHz, 1MB L2 + 8MB shared L3 cache]
# 6GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [3 DIMMs]
# • 750GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive
# HIS H485Q1GH Radeon HD 4850 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
# MS-7613 (Iona-GL8E) motherboard
Power supply seems to be an HP brand, not sure on specific model but it says maximum power: 460w

Heres a picture of my motherboard:
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  1. do you have another system to test your card to? have you try fresh install of OS? just hope that the problem not cause by your mobo like me. my previous rig got problem with the agp slot. when the graphic card is present in the system, my system cannot load the game or simply crash even in idle
  2. Unfortunately I can't test my card in another computer, because the only other computer in the house is a general use pc that has integrated graphics (and probably only a 300w psu), so testing would be unsafe on that computer.

    Is there any chance that my PSU is being overtaxed?? I would imagine that 460w would be enough for my card. I just don't get why my computer is freezing on the "loading windows" logo screen... :(
  3. maybe you can do something on that such as 'borrow' you 460w PSU over that one and test your card :)
  4. i've never swapped PSU's before, so i dont wanna eff something up... the other computer isn't mine either so its kinda out of the question.

    Any idea whats wrong with my computer based on my description?

    Updated first post with motherboard information.
  5. to me it seems that your mobo got problem if not your graphic card. if you think this is PSU related try to get another PSU and see what happen
  6. Well my computer has been running for an hour now... I think its crashing under video stress, whether that is a power shortage from the PSU, or something else IDK...

    I have been monitoring my GPU temps, and it idles around 45-50 celcius and never goes over 65 celcius at full load...
  7. Hi sptmaster. I kind of feel your pain, because I have a freezing + sound loop problem (which I believe people call a "hard lock") with my HD5770 on a few of my games.
    I'm "fortunate" though in that my lock ups occur rarely. But they are so random in nature that the anticipation of the lock up while playing is harming my mental health.

    I ran Prime95, memtest86, and even Furmark for HOURS on end. Overnight. No errors. It leads me to believe these programs are overrated, because a game can lock up my PC, meaning I have to hard reset. These programs boast that they test things with vigour. How can this be so if I pass the test, but can't run a game reliably?

    For your specific problem, it might be the PSU. I run a very powerful one and it isn't just watts you have to go by - it is amps as well. Ideally, you want a single-rail modular PSU with high amps on the +12v rail. Mine, for example, is a Corsair HX850w with 70 amps on that rail. This much isn't needed - I just wanted to be sure.
    At least I know my GPU is getting the power it needs, and I don't have to worry about load balancing like I would need to on a multi-rail PSU...

    So check to see what power your card draws and make sure your PSU is going to supply it with that. Good luck!
  8. I'm really thinking about having a professional look at this, because it sounds like theres so many things that could be wrong, that I don't want to endlessly fling money at this....

    Computer just locked up AGAIN... I noticed the GPU temp was a bit higher (58 celc) and I upped my fan speed a bit with MSI Afterburner (only to 60%), well my GPU was cooling down to about 49-50 then my screen blacked out and computer froze... Took me a few tries rebooting it to get past the windows loading screen.

    A guy told me that manufacturers like HP/Dell only put in big enough PSU's to power the computer with stock hardware... But a ATI 5770 should have about the same power draw as a 4850 right?
  9. Sorry if this insults your tech savviness, but you do have the molex plug from the PSU plugged into the card, don't you? It isn't just running from the PCI-e slot, is it?
    It is just that you did say you could run Prime95 but not Kombuster, and you're having problems even booting the O.S.

    And don't quote me, but I think my 5770 draws less than your 4850. Can you read how many amps the PSU is supplying on the +12v rail by physically looking at the sticker or etching on the side of it?
  10. Yes, I plugged the 6pin power connector that my 5770 used into my 4850.

    Prime95 ran fine for several minutes at 100% cpu load (and ram use), but Kombuster locked up after 30-45 seconds. Also, yes I do have trouble booting the OS... It freezes up where it says "Starting windows" and the little colored balls fly together and form the windows logo. Freezes there and I have to force shutdown.

    +12Va: 18A
    +12Vb: 15A

    thats my 12v rails according to the sticker on the PSU

    I uninstalled my 10.6 driver and let windows find drivers on its own... It selected 9.8.

    Gonna run MSI Kombustor again and see how i fare.

    EDIT: Weird, Kombustor won't load now... It says "OpenGL version 2.0 or greater required, detected: 1.1"

    EDIT2: Found some information regarding Power consumption on another thread:

    Looks like the 4850 consumes a lot more power...
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    I don't think that is enough amperage for that card under maximum load. I've seen references to 500w PSUs with 32 amps on +12v rail as a requirement, and I don't think you can just add your 18 + 15 and say "that's enough". I'm not sure so you'll have to ask an expert, or wait for one on here.
    Again, good luck. I'll have to make a topic of my own about my esoteric freeze + sound loops, as I've got no idea what is wrong.
  12. Best answer selected by sptmaster.
  13. Yeah, thats the conclusion I came to as well, and you seem to have confirmed it.

    However since I rollbacked the driver to a earlier version, I haven't crashed (yet), and I've been playing WoW for about 30 minutes now uninterrupted. Knowing my luck though after im done posting this I'll crash again :D But if I do, I'll look at getting a beefier power supply.

    Final question... Whats the best brand of power supply? What kind should I get?

    Thanks for all your help everyone.
  14. Yep I spoke too soon... Crashed in world of warcraft just a minute ago... Screen went black, and speakers made this constant farting noise :) lol
  15. Well fixed my problem... Before Furmark would crash after 5 minutes of stability test, replaced my HP 460w PSU with a Corsair 650w PSU, and I don't crash anymore!!! Now furmark can run for over 10 minutes without crashing.
  16. Good news! The Corsairs are supposed to be really good PSUs.
    The sound loops I get are nerve-wracking, to say the least.
    I hope you have truly fixed your problem and you never get those freezes ever again!
  17. Well I kinda jumped the gun... Started getting freezes again, granted it took a lot longer (30+ minutes of stress) to cause a freeze.... I reformatted my HD and reinstalled windows and SO FAR I haven't froze yet.... Getting close to 30 minutes of furmark stability testing. So hopefully this fixes it =/
  18. Sorry to hear that. I just did a Furmark test for 30 mins and my temps were 70 degrees C. No problems here.
    I might try again with MSAA8x and see if it freezes. I've rolled back to Catalyst 10.4 (read bad things about 10.6) and I'm gonna have a solid gaming session tonight. Time will tell.
  19. I have a Radeon 5870 HD in my Mac Pro Early 2009 (4,1) which I believe has a 600W or higher PSU. I am using TWO six-pin video power cables to the 5870, and originally it ran superbly (for a few months). Now I am getting the dreaded "a clock interrupt was not received" error, almost on a daily basis, but VERY RANDOM.

    I have 5 hard drives, and a blu-ray burner installed... and I read that the card can draw about 125W under load (the two power cables supply 75W each), and the PCIexpress slots supply up to 300W for the four of them. This cannot be power related (unless the power supply is failing).

    PS. This is the dual-CPU model, with 16GB ECC 1066 RAM installed.
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