hi guys just wondering what sort of graphics card i would need to use eyefinity and max out mw2/bf dirt 2
will a 5870 do this max or no?
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  1. Hello
    A 5870 will do the job fine,however i would recommend going with 2 5870's,because another 5870 will give you a good boost in performance.
  2. ^ And to add to that you might want the 2 GB version of the HD 5870, and if you can afford it, two HD 5870 2 GB if you do intend to play @ 5760 x 1080 if you're using three 1920 x 1080 monitors.
  3. +1^ and +1^^

    If budget allows, the extra frame buffer will boost performance with eye candy.
  4. i run eyefinity on mw2 with a single 5870 on max settings. you will need to get the widescreenfix however.

    haven't had a chance to try dirt 2 in eyefinity yet...
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