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Are these temps good for a water cooled i7 950?

ok I just got done leak testing and it passed 10 hours with no leaks or a sign of a leak. Now I have a question as of now I'm running stock settings and Want to know if 55c sounds good for a water cooled CPU. My CPU block is DD MCP and my pump is the DD-CPX pro. My rads is swiftech.

after a while the temps go to 57c. I have 2 140m fans one top of the rad which is located at the top of the case. I'm using the NZXT Tempest case.
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  1. Don't look right, a good air cooler, with good case air flow can do < 40c on idle.
  2. it's around 30c idle. Here is what I have. I have the res going to the pump and the pump to the rad and the rad to the CPU (top fitting).
  3. Your temps look fine for a full load system.

    Would going into the rad right after the cpu work better? I do not have water to say, but i assume getting rid of heat asap is a good thing?

    Res->Pump->CPU->Rad->Res? This may also lower the temps the pump sees
  4. I don't think it matters if the rad is the first thing to go to the CPU or last. I think the temps will stay the same. I probally still have some water bubbles some where in the system
  5. ok now with the case side closed I get near 70c on full load. I'm going to replace the fans that are cooling the rad to higher air flow fans.
  6. Good idea. 70 is getting warm. Is it overclocked? Do you have room for push/pull fans on the rad?

  7. well I have stock fans from NZXT on the top and they are not that noisy which means they don't have a lot of CFM's so I'm thinking of getting 2 fans with 80CFM's or higher in the 140mm fan range. and it's at stock at 70c.
  8. blackpanther26 said:
    ok now with the case side closed I get near 70c on full load. I'm going to replace the fans that are cooling the rad to higher air flow fans.

    What is room temperature?
    Really the temperature difference (TD) between ambient temp and cpu core is actually a better way of judging your cooling efficiency.
    If you are at 70c full load in a 80f room then your okay but if your in a conditioned space at 70f then 70c is not good.
    My dual Xeon P4 based 3.2s (mini toaster ovens LOL) do not go higher than 65c full load after 30mins in a 72f room on air cooling. 7 fans plus GPU and PSU fans for a total of nine fans.
    An I7 on water should run way cooler.
  9. yeah my room temp is around 60c.
  10. opps. f. any ways I think my problem lies with my case fans from NZXT. I don't think they push more than 50 cfm's. They are quiet. When I had the Swiftech M220. I noticed that their fans really pushed air out. I would like to break 20k in 3dVantage.
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    Definitely try new case fans.
    Remember you need to have negative air pressure in case so the exhaust should be more powerful than the intake.
    Also watch your cabling and dead spots in case.
    Sometimes if the exhaust and intakes are not situated correctly you will get
    "swirl" in the case causing a "dead spot" where heat doesn't dissipate.
    Also the biggest factor for heat in a case is not the cpu but the power supply.
    The better the cooling for the PSU the cooler the case will be.
  12. Also if you have the space a pci cooler can do wonders.
    I shaved about 2-3 c off of my ambient case temps by adding one.
    The pci bus creates alot of heat itself.
  13. Also what program are you using to monitor temps?
    I like Everest for temp monitoring.
    It has the best description for sensors and most accurate.
    Speedfan is confusing.
    Not all temp monitors are the same.
  14. nice choice.
    I do wonder about rad after or before cpu.
    I have never done water cooling but I would think it would be better before the cpu since the cpu would get the coldest water causing a better TD between your waterblock and chip.
    Also the water would shed btu's traveling back to the rad.
    Heat always goes from hotter to colder so if your coming off of your cpu at roughly 60c and your ambient case temp is around 40c than there will be a heat transfer just traveling back to the rad.
    BTW I am a heating and a/c tech (residential air conditiioning)
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