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I want a mid-atx case by a good brand without windows, leds, etc. Just one with a lot of fans and in the price range of $35-$50 on Any recommendations are appreciated, thanks.
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  1. To me the best case in that price range is the Antec 300 Illusion. It comes with 3 x 120mm and 1 x 140mm 3 speed fans and is nearly silent with them on low while still moving quite a bit of air. The front fans do have blue leds but it is still a great looking case in my opinion. I always use this case when building for friends and family who do not need huge full towers like I do and am always impressed with the build quality.

    114 cases recommended for gaming. pick the one you like.
  3. Not really too many cases that fit your criteria in that price range.
    The only manufacturer that is decent that offers alot of fans for that price is Rosewill which is Newegg only.
    Other then those the best case you can get is an Antec 300 wich comes with two fans.
    Much better quality imo.
  4. ^+1 for Antec 300.
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