PSU not suplying enough power?


I just got an Accelero L2 Pro heatsink and fan for my graphic card, the problem is that I had to use a molex adapter that came with the thing, the fan comes with two different connectors, 7v one and 12v one:

You can see in the picture what I'm talking about, to the right you have the cables that come out of the fan and to the right the molex adapter, I have connected it to the 12v connector but I don't notice any difference from the 7v one, infact both run quite slow I think, I have tried different molex with no result and I've read that at 12v the fan is quite noisy, which mine isn't because I think it's running at the slowest speed possible, how can I fix this?


edit: the powersupply is a Powerline F-500+ from Coolbox.
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  1. download MSI afterburner and set the fan speed manually
  2. Forgot to mention that it doesn't work with CCC or speedfan since the fan is not connected to the graphic card or the motherboard, it's connected to a molex, but I'll try msi afterburner just to see.

    edit: as expected it doesn't work with msi afterburner, makes no difference to change the fan speed.
  3. can you hook them up to a fan controller?
  4. I haven't got one, I thought of connecting it to a sys_fan slot on the motherboard but I think the 3pin header is slighty different from the ones that go there, I guess if I could connect it there it would be fixed.

    I still don't get why the molex isn't supplying 12v to the fan tho, it seems more like 3v or 5v.
  5. I was just checking one of these Zalman Fan Mate 2 ( as a fix but checking the female connectors it seems to me that it wouldn't work since the ones that come out of the fan are these (, am I wrong?
  6. Shuryou said:

    I still don't get why the molex isn't supplying 12v to the fan tho, it seems more like 3v or 5v.

    WHy do you say that?
  7. jsc said:
    WHy do you say that?

    Mainly because after reading reviews about it they say that it becomes loud at 12v and I see no difference between the 7v option or the 12v neither in the temperature nor the noise level, I might be wrong but I've seen quite a few fans working at 7v and 12v and this one seems to be working very slow compared to those.
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