Benchmark an SSD

What is the best way to test/benchmark an SSD to make sure it's doing it's job. I invested in an SSD, have my OS on it, want to make sure I am getting my money's worth.

I have heard some people making claims along the lines of:

"I've had my SSD for X months and my read/write speeds have dropped Y%".

What is the best way to test for things like that (and what are good numbers to look for)?

For reference I have a Samsung 830 128gb.
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  1. You can run crystaldiskmark, a free benching utility: or you can use the benchmark portion of Samsung Magician 3.2 ( ).

    But don't run it all the time, once now for a baseline and later if you notice any difference, which you shouldn't if you leave it some free space and either allow it time to TRIM or manually TRIM with the Samsung Magician software.
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