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I'll build a PC supposed to run Windows 98 SE, just for fun/Win 9x games (e. g. Op Flashpoint, BF 1942, BF Vietnam) and be almost as fast as it is reasonable.
I did some searching and found out:

- Windows 98 SE does not run on Intel CPUs faster than 2.1 GHz so I decided to use a 2.0 GHz Willamette, please no uc/oc suggestions. I have a 1.8 GHz Willamette, but I think I'll replace it some day.

- Win 98 SE also has to be "convinced" to run with 1 GB RAM and because that's the amount I have, I'll use it. (DDR 266 MHz will have to run at 200 MHz.)

- The newest video card from nVidia which has drivers for Win 98 SE should be from the Geforce 6 series. I tend to buy a new geforce 6600 GT (still available) instead of an used gf 6800 GT (no longer available). Here I need some advice: Does it really work with Win 98 SE? On the web some say yes some no.
Would the Gf 6800 GT improve performance compared to a gf 6600 GT, or would the system be so slow anyway that the difference is not noticeable?

- In order to use the video card best, I'd like to procure a mobo with AGP 8x. I have a FSC D1521 with i845G chipset (AGP 4x) and can get a FSC D1337 also with i845 chipset. Is it worth spending money for a AGP 8x board?

- The last component that I'm not sure about is the psu. Is a 400 W enough or should I take a 500 W one or even more? Here I should mention what else goes in: 2 HDD of less than 128 GB, a dvd-rom, a dvd-rw (to be removed in a few years), usb-joystick, usb-printer (to be removed in a few years), eventually a second fan (not sure about that, what do you suggest?). Eventually a soundcard with a kind of surround-sound support. No fancy stuff!.

I keep collecting information and wondering about the right way to go. Advice would be highly appreciated.
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  1. sorry for double posting: posted also in german forum. Got help there:

    Athlon XP 3xxx+ or P4 3.x GHz HT + Radeon 9800, 400W PSU, Dual Boot: Win 98 SE (for a wide range of Win 9x games from old to new) and Win XP for newer games and productive.

    @mosox: thank you for the advice, very nice.
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