Does my build need some changing

Hi im about to get thse parts please tell me if it needs changing or if it will bottleneck and im also on abit of a budget but want a gaming quality build.

Case- Antec 902
GPU - HIS 5770 IceQ
CPU - i3 530
Ram - Kingston 4GB (2x2GB)
PSU - CoolerMaster 460 Watt extreme power plus
Mobo- Asus p7h55 socket 1156

Comments will be appreciated :)
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  1. ^ From where will you be buying the parts ? Get a better quality PSU rather than spending so much on the case...IMO the Antec 300 Illusion would be a good option...

    Also if you are fine with AMD, then get the X3 440 - IMO a better value for gaming PC and also you would save money there too...
  2. Budget?
  3. for this kind of budget, youre better off with an AMD build.
  4. agree with AMD as well. Just don't buy the 3 core that everyone and their grandma recommends just because its $20 cheaper than x4.

    I thought the antec 902 was a pretty ugly case, but it does have good cooling. Check out the coolermaster sniper case if you want to spend a bit of cheese on a good case. I spent $100 on a nice modular corsair power supply and it was totally worth it. Though the wattage calculator may say 450watts is ok, you might still consider a 550-650 watt supply.

    Let us know if you need us to list specific parts for recommendation, but know that their is a thread all about that topic on the main systems forum page.

    has a fun.
  5. Yes I need a good list of parts, please recommend some for me and no i dont really like amd's. Well i was kinda thinking to get a better case with better cooling and dust filters so my pc would last longer . What intel chip would you guys rather recommend !

    This is my first computer build so im kinda noooob
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  7. Thanks you were a big help!
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