im looking at osny vaio f series: resasons. they do uk warranty and shhip to UK (main reason). They are good build quality. Free blu ray atm. F-sewries as the screen isnt huge i like 15-16" screens and f series is their best gaming one.
Im loooking at the better I7 1.73-2.93 one and 320g 7200rpm drive then 4gb 1333mz ram, with a gt330m unupgradable. Is that rig especially the card im worrying baout ale to play wow med/ high or maxxed settings (inc in dalaran) and cod on medium settings???

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  1. Your CPU and RAM are Ok for gaming.

    This Nvidia's page with its mobile gpu's:

    Your gpu is classified in the performance range, so it should be good. Don't know if you will be able to play wow at maxed settings however.
    How much video ram and screen resolution will your laptop have?

    Google for some benchmark on your laptop.
  2. i did but im not too technical... i really need a laptop under £1,100 ex. VAT for gaming... Dunno if u play WOW but dalaran is a major FPS reducer... 1920x1080p i think and video ram - duno what that is!
    any laptop recommendations in the UK welcome but the laptop must last at least 3 years . thanks!
  3. 5650 is probably better and its price is ridiculously low
  4. cloudwolf said:

    That one would be the best of the 3. It's chassis is built by MSI which is a pretty decent company. Though some complaint for their laptops tend to be overly flexible keyboards and mediocre screens. However, the 5850 is significantly better than either the 5650 or the GT 330M.

    Take a look at some benchmarks:
  5. looking at the benchmarks in this page i think he will be able to play wow at high settings, thats what he was asking for
  6. welll il go for cyperpower tbh as i wont order in time for free bluray
  7. Thanks for your help but its not too late to say if u find something. PS why is a SSD good for gaming?!
  8. you will most likely max the crap outta WoW with a GT 330M and core i7
  9. cloudwolf said:
    Thanks for your help but its not too late to say if u find something. PS why is a SSD good for gaming?!

    The GT 330M should handle WoW and CoD4 on high settings, MW2 on medium or so, possibly high.

    An SSD isn't really good for gaming in the sense that it increases your framerate, just decreases game load times considerably.
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