New graphics card/ power supply and terrible FPS / load times

My old card died so I bought a Palit GeForce GTX 460 768 Mb and a new power supply. I installed both and instead of my computer getting better performance it's getting lousy performance. Webpages load really slowly, it almost looks like im watching an image be scanned when I try to load a webpage. Also, any games I play I get terrible fps. When sit in the loading screen of counterstrike I get 500 fps, but once I open a few tabs or join a game my fps plummits to like under 100 fps, as low as 15 fps (keep in mind counterstrike is over 8 years old). I also loaded Starcraft II and was getting 4 fps at one point. Using the new drivers from Nvidias site actually made things worse than the drivers from the cd that came with the card.

I took out the card and put it back in and it ran more stable but still significantly lower than in should be. Is it possible my card is defective? That's the solution I'm leaning towards unless someone has a better suggestion

Some of My computer specs:

600 W psu
4 GB ram DDR2 dual channel
500 gb hard drive
Intel Core 2 Quad q9300 Quad-Core

Running on Windows 7 64 bit.

I have returned the card and gotten a new one and i still have the same issue. I have gotten as low as 1 fps consistently in starcraft. My old card was a geforce 8800 Gt and it ran all these games no problem.

I have tried 3 different drivers suggested by nvidia, upgraded my BIOS and still nothing works. Heeeeeeeeelp
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  1. 1) Have you tried booting into Safe Mood and used DriveSweeper to remove the Nvidia drivers, reboot and install fresh?

    2) What is your actual PSU because though it might be 600W, it is weak and the newer GTX 470 is starved for power?

    3) Did you plug both PCIe connectors in??
  2. 1) Yes.

    2) Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus

    3) Yes.
  3. After reading this review of the PSU below, I'm beginning to suspect your PSU isn't delivering adequate/stable power to your system with the more power hungry GTX 460 over the older 8800GT. I might suggest a power supply replacement since it states 600w but is truly only really rated for 450w performance wise.
  4. Interesting, but if it were the power supply wouldn't it crash often when under stress? It hasn't crashed at all but this is still an interesting possibility i will look into it
  5. An inadequate power supply in my experience often can give problems that really don't make logical sense. Also another thing to note about the stated power of the power supply, most people only check the stated wattage when other important factors are ones such as the total amp's that PSU can deliver over the Pci-e rail. It can deliver enough wattage to make the pc stable for the cpu etc, but as soon as it cannot deliver enough A over the pci-e rail it's game over.
  6. Cooler Master may not make the worlds best PSU's, but a 600W should be plenty enough for a single GTX460. Try booting into safe mode, and use an app like Driver Sweeper to completely remove your graphics drivers. Then re-install the latest version from Nvidia's site (
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