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Hi all, i have a mini ITX build laid out on paper at the minute. The case is a Silverstone Sugo SG05 capable of taking up to three 2.5" drives (theres one dedicated 2.5" drive and the 3.5" drive can be converted into two 2.5" drives with their official converter thing). My question is, would it be worth me putting a small SSD in the 2.5" slot and a full HDD in the the 2.5" slot OR a 2.5" normal 400GB HDD in the 2.5" slot and remove the 3.5" slot altogether as this improves the airflow through the case (proven thing, not just me making that up).

Obviously the SSD choice will be more expensive but i'm guessing will really boost performance.

Just wondering what your thoughts are, thanks!
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  1. ^ If you have an external storage, then why not stick with a single 60/ 64GB SSD and remove the 3.5" slot as a whole...
    60GB would suffice for OS, apps and some data...And rest can be accessed from the external storage...
    Anyways you can always add a HDD if you want to...
  2. Ah i see where you're coming from.

    Its primarily a gaming machine, so will need a bit of space to work with and larger size SSD's turn the cost to something above my range!

    And i doubt an external storage drive has the data throughput to deal with that sort of remit.
  3. ^ Hmm then better to stick with a single large HDD as a larger SSD would drive cost high also they would just improve load times, but there will be no effect in in-game performance...
  4. Yeah that seems like the best option, thanks for the help.
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