My Hard Drive Enclosure is damaged, but can I still make it work

using an IDE to USB 2.0 cable adapter? Because the Hard Drive turns on (so power adapter is functional). The problem is that Hard Drives aren't detected in my computer (which leads me to believe that the IDE to USB 2.0 data connection is what is faulty).

I am hoping to circumvent this problem, by purchasing just this one cable:

^What do you think- will it work?
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  1. It's a cost effective way to troubleshoot. If it does not work then pull out the hard drive and install it in a PC or another enclosure.
  2. ^Yeah, that's why I'm doing it. (This is the second enclosure that has failed on me so I'm a little annoyed and don't want to spend any more money on this.)

    Anyway, so you think it'll work?
    Here are the pictures of the said enclosure:
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