SSD swap out: Clone or restore?

I'm getting ready to swap out my 80 Gig SSD for a 256 Gig. From what I can tell my options are to either
1) Use the Win 7 backup/restore option to create an image (which I would save to my 1.5 TB HDD) then restore that to the new SSD OR
2) Use cloning software to make a copy directly, then swap

The restore method seems pretty straightforward, if somewhat time consuming, but all the cloning walk-throughs I've read seem to suggest you need an external drive enclosure (which I don't have). Is this correct? Why can't I just plug in the new SSD alongside the old? Am I missing something, or are these guides just assuming you don't have adequate connections for 2 SSDs? Other than that, Any other considerations or preferences for which method is preferable? I'm leaning towards the backup/restore method since it doesn't require purchasing additional hardware and software.
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  1. For SSD to SSD I would clone it using EaseUS Todo Backup (freeware). But I would first create a system repair disk by typing that into the Start button run window and then using the wizard with 1 CD in case it is needed to repair the SRP after you install the new cloned drive, which it is needed occasionally. I would not erase the 80Gb SSD until the clone boots successfully and you use the new drive for a while.

    You can do the clone with an internal sata connection, but after the clone remove the old 80Gb before you restart so that it will become the new boot drive, otherwise the SRP still will use the 80Gb as the boot drive.
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