Cloning 2 hard drives on to one large one.


I have a toshiba satellite laptop with a 160GB hard drive. I wanted to have a friend install Mitchell OnDemand and ALLData (vehicle diagnostic tools) programs on it. However the programs were so large that they wouldn't fit.

He told me to get an external, which i did (WD 250GB) and he somehow installed the programs across both hard drives, whereby, he made it so that when i click ALLdata logo on my desktop, it won't work unless i have my external plugged in.

Now both are out of room.

I have purchased a 1TB hard drive for the Toshiba. But i need to find a way to copy the contents from the 160GB and the 250GB on to the 1TB without losing the programs, or most importantly the product key that was used to install them because i have no other way of getting the program installed again.

Please Help. Thank you.
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    Put the 1TB in the enclosure of the 250Gb, connect it to the laptop and clone the 160gb to the 1TB with acronis test version. Take the 1TB out of the enclosure and into the laptop and try to boot. If that works, create a new partition on the rest of the 1TB and format it. Put the 250GB back in the enclosure and and copy the entire content to the newly created partition with win explorer. Take care, that the new partition gets the same drive letter, the 250GB had before. You can change drive letters in disk management if needed.
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  3. Perfect! Thank you.
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