5870 OR 5850??

what ati shoudl i get to play new games and heavy like crysis ii on 1920x1080 and high settings?
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  1. A HD 5850 would be fine for that resolution.
  2. ohh i was thinking on a 5770 xfx xxx, isnt it enought?
  3. If your intention is to run it in DX9, on High Settings with no AA, at that resolution, I would say "Yes - just."
    If your intention is to run it in DX10, on Very High with AA, at that resolution, I would say "Dream on."

    I have a 5770 and my GPU benchmarks are around 60 FPS. That is 1280*1024, High, and no AA.
    There are stages in Crysis that are graphically super-intensive and your framerate will drop to 30 FPS.
    All of this pre-supposes you're using a decent CPU because obviously battle-intensive areas need that. Good luck!

    EDIT:- Sorry, I just overlooked the inconspicuous "ii" after Crysis. My answer is "look for a better card".
  4. butt.. 5770 doesnt come with dx11?
  5. i want to play all the games in 1920x1080 and in the highest settings possibless.. so whats the minnimal vga requiered for that?? (sorry for my bad english)
  6. the hd 5850 and nothing less than that.
  7. ohh so much more priced that i was expecting for :P ok but then what is the ideal?
  8. With the exception of the Mobility Radeon HD 5100 series, all HD 5000 series cards support DirectX 11.

    If you want to play Crysis 1920 x 1080 4x AA 16x AF Very High you'll need AT THE VERY LEAST an HD 5970. I am not kidding, it's not exactly a well coded game.

    The HD 5850 will probably play Crysis maximum (with AA/AF at max) at 1440 x 900 I'd say? 1680 x 1050 possibly.
  9. ANN 5970!!?? LOL THATS TOO EXPENSIVE XD but what vga do u recomend me??
  10. ya....only if you want to play crysis at all maxed as you say....but except that hd 5850 will good enough for gamming at 1920x1080 reso
  11. Juanchioo is looking to play Crysis 2 (TWO) - the sequel - when it comes out, I think.
  12. i want to play it but its not the only 1 i will play but i give it for example cause i know its the most demanded game
  13. i want to play it but its not the only 1 i will play but i give it for example cause i know its the most demanded game
  14. Quote:
    butt.. 5770 doesnt come with dx11?

    All 5xxx series cards support DX11.

    To "max" out Crysis and Crysis 2, you will need a 5970. Remember, Crysis is such a demanding game that even the BEST offerings from ATI/NVIDIA struggle to cope adequately.

    ie Crysis/Crysis Warhead/Crysis 2 (assuming)/Metro 2033 is the exception to the rule.

    Other titles you can "max" out using a MINIMUM 5850 at that res.

    Good luck.
  15. An HD 5850 would be pretty good, and should play quite a lot of games at maximum at 1920 x 1080.

    A GTX 460 or a HD 5830 and if you have the budget go crossfire with the 460 as it scales better.
  18. What is your budget, need to know what you're willing to spend.

    What CPU do you have, this will be a contributing factor.

    What Power Supply do you have, this will need to be at least a good quality beand 500-watts to push a decent video card.
  19. im building it im thinking on amd phenom ii x4 955 / x4 965 / x6 1055t / x6 1090t i dont know witch one. i will buy for maximum the 5970 (just if its necesary)

    sorry for my bad english
  20. no worries mate, if you are going to be gaming @ 1920X1080 with all high settings i would either go with the 5970 or the GTX 480. If money is an issue, get the 5870 and that you can crossfire another 5870 in the future.
  21. i would make sure that the power supply you buy for any of those video cards are at least a 650-watt PSU from the following: my preference would be the TX 750 from Corsair.

  22. what is better opcion 5970, gtx 480 or 5870x2?
  23. What should i get for a gaming pc? hd5970, gtx480 or hd5870x2????
  24. the 5970. the 480 if you want 3dvision. If by 5870x2 you mean asus ares then no its a waste of money
  25. maby i get a 3d monitor when there apeards 240hz ones.. but ati also works in 3d...
  26. and i dont know what brand/model to buy... if u can expecifi me wich one is the best is a good help
  27. bump
  28. or w8 for 6xxx series?
  29. or w8 for 6xxx series?
  30. In terms of performance, the 5870x2 setup is going to give you the best framerates out of the three. However, if you are interested in PhysX, cuda, or stereoscopic 3d, you are going to want to go with the nvidia setup.

    You should tell us your expectations and current system specs first if you want a real answer.
  31. i dont allready have it im making it... thinking on amd phenom ii x4 965, mobo m4a89gtd pro/usb3, psu maby an tx 750, 4gb ram dual channel ddr3 1600mhz
  32. You could wait for the 6xxx series cards if you are not in a rush, but they will not come out until November. Below is the best performer, then next best, etc... Also, see the link below, this will help,2676-7.html

    2 x 5870
    GTX 480

    If buying ATI, go with the following:


    The ASUS and MSI both support overclocking and have an overclocking tool and cover overclocking under their warranty.

    I have never used anything other than EVGA for Nvidia cards so i cannot suggest anything else.
  33. and xfx?
  34. Quote:
    i dont allready have it im making it... thinking on amd phenom ii x4 965, mobo m4a89gtd pro/usb3, psu maby an tx 750, 4gb ram dual channel ddr3 1600mhz

    Get the 5870x2, you won't have problems running games at any resolution and you get a lower power system when not using high powered graphics.
  35. mmmm and i think i will go for the 5970 and then if need get anotherone but what is the best 5970?? i mean.. what is ur first choise?
  36. mmm but i thinked i better go for the 5970 and get another in the future if i need it, i think thats a beter opcion
  37. My first choice would be ASUS or Sapphire, then MSI would be my last. They are ALL very good brands.
  38. I want to know what its a better deal... i want to play 1920x1080 and with high settings... and please if u can tell me what brand and what model should i get :hello:
  39. 55850 is good if your budget cannot afford a 5870, but if you have the money, I would get the 5870.

    At 1920 x 1080, the 5850 handles most games at max, the 5870 manages pretty much all games. As newer games come out the 5870 will continue to perform where as the 5850 will start to show its weaknesses sooner.

    As for which model, it does not really matter, however, if XFX is not more expenisve than the others then I would go with them because they have very good customer service and a double lifetime warranty
  40. but i dont know if that xfx thing is aviable in my country... but what brand offerst the best product??
  41. The product is essentially the same. Some may have custom cooling or OC'd the card, but they tend to charge a premium price for the service and they will also sell the normal version too.

    Sapphire, XFX, Asus, Gigabyte, all would be fine. People generally consider Powercolor and His as less quality. Though I use Powercolor and have no issues personally.

    In general the biggest difference between the companies when it comes to a stock card is simply their warranty and customer service
  42. mmm ok i probably go fir a sapphire, xfx or an asus... and other question.. do u think the 5970 will be better for my needs or its just a waste of money and i will do the same that with this one? (in 1920x1080)
  43. The higher model is always better, depending on your budget.

    More importantly, what CPU are you using?

    I'd hate to see your GPU performance suffer due to a CPU bottleneck.

    XFX, Sapphire have good aftermarket options/coolers.

    5970 is overkill IMO. I would use 5970 for 2560x1600 res.
  44. i will use a phenom ii x4 965
  45. i heard xfx was making bad cuality 5870s soo i think i wil go for asus or sapphire
  46. Try and stretch the budget and go for the 5870. :D

    Good luck.
  47. ok thx :P
  48. You might consider crossfire 5850s, which will outperform even a 5970 quite easily.

    Alternatively, SLI GTX 460s (if your motherboard supports SLI) is a great deal. $460 for two 1GB versions or $400 for 768mb versions and it will be significantly better than any single card (except a 5970).
  49. but there is also is the crossfire of 5870 :) that its much better and i can make it when i need it
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