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Am I reading this right?

So i decided to splurge and upgrade to a phenom II X6 1055t from my lowly Athlon II X4 630.

My X4 was using the stock cooler and AS5 and was OCed to 3.25 Ghz. I idles around 29-30C and Prime96 took me to around 50-51C.

My new X6, OCed to the same 3.25 Ghz with the AS5 still not fully cured idles at around 22c and Prime95 doesn't break 50C.

I am using the stock cooler that came with my X6, which is about the twice the size the one that came with my athlon II, and with quad heat pipes, but that contribute to the low temps... is core temp broken? or does the X6 really run this cool?
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  1. No it's really that cool.
  2. I am now down to 21C idle... How can I be 8C lower on a processor that has to idle 2 more cores...
  3. Your room must be very cold in order to hold an idle temperature of 21c.
  4. The newer process probably helps to disperse heat/ use less power. Plus the more surface area the chip has the more heat will leave it. The heatsink is also bigger, and at idle the extra cores use next to nothing on power( bigger heatsink with almost the same power=cooler idle temp), the load temps are what count and those are close to the same.
  5. 21c is room temperature, that's almost impossible, unless he's highly under clocked, and under volted, with all fans on high, in a coolish to cold room.
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    21c is perfectly normal on idle I get about 25c on my stock cooler with my CPU overclocked by 555MHz.
  7. ^ ok tell me the current temperature in the room that your computer is registering 25c or 21c.

    P.S. To anyone that remembers Computronix, we need him back, lol
  8. So what? His magic smoke runs cooler than your magic smoke, you got a problem with that? :p

    Sorry, I must be too new to have seen comp on here, I don't recognize the name. :(
  9. Computronix was the resident temperature guru here on toms, before the high brass made him disappear :whistle:
  10. My case temps were around 19C (ambient is about the same, its winter :P) and proc at around 21 full idle. While doing some moderate gaming (WoW), it goes up to the low 30s. These temps are about on par wit my old Athlon64 X2 2.4GHz (stock no OC).

    I am not complaining, just making sure core temp is reading the cpu temps correctly :P

    And the stock fan is very nice, its the non AVC copper heat pipe cooler, it has about 10-15% more aluminum mass (wider) than the AVC one and the pipes are thicker too. Its no H212, but with these temps, who cares!

    Pic off the cooler I got
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  12. LOL good luck with your below or at ambient temperature rig, lol
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