Can i add one more HARD DISC(500gb as slave) without trouble

i have 450 watts power supply with my pc.
my config is - athlonX2 250,500GB HDD,3GB RAM,Asus motherboard,512 mb GEOFORCE 8400GS graphics card.

The said power supply is came from ZEBRONICS BILJEE cabinet.

can i add one more HARD DISC(500gb as slave) without trouble?
power supply is enough?
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  1. You don't need to worry about master / slave and all that with Sata drives. Also, you should be just fine power-wise to add another hard drive.
  2. You shouldn't run into any problems. I've had more power consuming hardware on a 450 watt psu (to include an 7800GS AGP graphics card).

    -Wolf sends
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    you should be able to handle a second hard drive just fine, unless youre overclocking through the roof.

    the only issue is the brand of your PSU isnt exactly top of the line, still, you should have no problem.
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